It is still time to change it

by Alisoncampbell on October 2, 2017 - 1:23am

Everyday our planet is being more and more polluted. Cars, factories, garbage and more intensify the situation our planet is in and puts us in danger. All around the world, countries are dealing with never seen before situations. The Caribbean have been hit by multiple severe hurricanes, wildfires are spreading, Montreal has had a heatwave in the fall with temperatures exceeding the normal fall weather greatly   while other parts of the country had snow.  There are many more incidents similar to these happening around the world because of climate change and there is a great need for change before this planet has enough and gets rid of the problem, us.


We are all being affected by climate change but in diverse ways. Some may find it nice that here in Montreal we had a longer summer with the fall heatwave we experienced for days on end but the Caribbean was hit much harder with hurricanes. Although most people enjoyed the warm weather of the past few weeks, it does pose a threat for people and for agriculture. At this time of the year people have gotten rid of the air conditioning and are not ready for such heat. It may be dangerous for older people who may experience heat strokes or even for children sitting in classrooms alongside their classmates in hot classrooms. It is serious enough that according to an article from September 23rd on CTV News Montreal’s website ‘’Urgences Santé has added ten paramedics to its schedule this week specifically to cope with anticipated calls of heat-related emergencies.’’ This could potentially also be bad for what we grow this time of the year. Specific crops need a specific climate to grow and if the climate changes we may not be able to grow some of the foods we enjoy.

Other places in the world have it arguably worse. The Caribbean has been struck with multiple hurricanes in a very short period of time. These hurricanes left thousands homeless, some injured and dead. According to a National Geographic article written by Micheal Greshko, ‘’in coming decades, predictions based on warming suggest that average-intensity tropical cyclones—Atlantic hurricanes included—will likely get more intense.’’ Climate change is affecting the seasonal hurricanes, most likely making them more intense over the coming years. The more these countries get hit by hurricanes, no one will be able to keep up re-building and eventually we could lose these parts of the world.


This is all our fault, we need to fix it. Not only one person can fix this problem. We should work together to fix our climate change issue. We wouldn’t want to lose what we know today and we need to work hard to go erase the damage we have done. If we keep going this way the climate will keep changing, Colder countries will have unusually hot weather. Growing foods may be more difficult and lastly, natural disasters may occur more frequently destroying many areas of the world. Since it is not too late there is always time to turn back and save our planet.




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I am Alison, I am 18 years old and in my third and final year at Champlain College.I'm studying in Tourism Management because it connects to my biggest passion, travel.