Green the Colour of Our Century

by sarah_P on September 5, 2017 - 9:58pm

Picture:Navigating floodwaters brought by Harvey on Tuesday in Houston. CreditDavid J. Phillip/Associated Press

More than 60,000 structures were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey last month explains Hiroko Tabuchi and Sheila Kaplan from New York Times magazine on August 31st 2017. Some areas in Texas are receiving more than 50 inches of water and approximately 35,000 people were counted in 240 shelters Wednesday morning according to New York magazine on August 30th 2017. Shelters across the states, as far as Dallas opened their doors to people who are evacuating their homes (


Porfirio Villarreal from the Houston Health Department said that the water is contaminated so people need to stay out of the water as much as possible ( Villarreal stated “ Health officials were urging people to stay out of the water if they could and to not let the children play in it.” They also recommended that “if people were in contact with the water that they should wash it off.” As reported by Tabuchi and Kaplan from New York Times magazine, the water apparently has toxic chemicals, sewage, debris and waste that still flood the city in many areas. “Sewers are infected with cholera, typhoid and other infectious diseases” affirmed Tabuchi and Kaplan. Dr. David Persse, the Director of Houston's Emergency Medical Services expressed “the officials are monitoring the drinking water system and sewer system” which he said both were intact. On the other hand, according to researchers of Louisiana State University, it is estimated that 38 counties in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey are using wells who are at high risk of being contaminated and those people must fend for themselves(


According to an article in National Geographic, technology is now offering solutions by using treatment plants and filtration which is making our water safe to drink. “Some cities are even promoting green roofs and rain gardens, as ways to naturally filter out pollutants”.  I believe these solutions could be useful to the Texas residents following Hurricane Harvey or in prevention of another natural catastrophe : "Green roofs" help prevent sewer overflows and help to catch stormwater and cool the environment. (


I used National Geographic as a source because it has built it’s reputation with solid articles and unique pictures. Their main goal is to offer quality and diversity which has been portrayed throughout all the magazines since 1888. New York Times magazine is in my opinion also a credible source because it offers a multitude of blogs and different sources.


I truly appreciated this news summary, because it speaks about a topic I’m very interested in. I also wrote a news summary on Hurricane Harvey and how Houston could have possibly avoided the damage they suffered because of this disaster. I read an article on CNN ( ) that I think you would enjoy reading. It speaks about the sewage, fecal bacteria in the hurricane’s flood water. Overall, reading your summary made for a very interesting read considering I wrote about the same issue and that I was able to learn more about this topic.

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