Cutting away "The American Dream"

by Alisoncampbell on September 17, 2017 - 8:49pm

This Forbes Article from September 12th 2017, written by Nathaniel Parish Flannery covers many topics, all somehow related to Trump's immigration laws and wall to ban central Americans to illegally immigrate to the country. Lack of opportunity, low economy and violence are pushing residents of these countries out of their homes on a search for a chance at a better life. Stopping immigration from these countries is letting these poor people in the worst situations and keeping them from being the best versions of themselves in a country where they have opportunities and a real future.

I have recently visited Honduras earlier this summer and after seeing and experiencing what life is like in these countries I understand why some are striving for better. The danger is everywhere in the country and the less fortunate have to watch out  for themselves 100% of the time. If these people were given a real chance at a great life like we have here there would be much less struggle and more happiness and overall less poverty.Banning central Americans from immigrating to America is taking a lot away from them. Most of these people just dont have the financial ability to apply and obtain American citizenship. We should not let them in illegally but rather make it easier for the people who are coming for good reasons.Its a very hard subject and there are many sides to consider but it is completely unfair to build a wall and treat them like they are less than people.


I like that you brought up this topic as I haven’t heard about this in a while. I am glad that you visited my beautiful country and that it opened your eyes by seeing the harsh conditions in which some locals live. The article you chose is very good and it gave me information about my country that I did not previously know about, for example, that most immigrants are Honduran, Guatemalan, and from El Salvador. Day by day I see Hondurans and Central Americans struggle to become better and try to get out of the poverty they live in. This can sometimes lead to violence as most believe that it is the easiest way of getting money, like robbing and committing other crimes. It is only natural that we strive to become better and earn money to survive and this is why many think their only option is to migrate to the United States as there are more job opportunities and life is better and more secure. Conditions are getting harder with the building of “the wall”, I am not saying that Americans should let people just migrate to their country but I am saying that they should try to help others in need by making it a little easier for those who really want to grow.

My experience with this topic is that I get judged when I say I am from Honduras or that I am a Latina. People associate me with crime and violence from these countries as it is all they see and hear in the news. Yes, many gang members and criminals in the US are from Latin America, but that does not mean that we are all like this. Some, and if not most of us, are hardworking people that follow the rules and try to be successful and have a better life. Some have become citizens of the United States and it is unfair that this stereotype will make them be deported when they have done nothing wrong. I really hope, for my Latin community living in the United States, that officials will investigate them before just deporting them without a reason other than “they are Latinos meaning they are criminals.”

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