Crisis in Bangladesh and Myanmar: 20 Refugees Drown Trying to Get to Bangladesh.

by Maximum98 on September 5, 2017 - 10:57pm

On August 31st 2017, uploaded an article by Thomson Reuters that talks about the recovery of 20 Rohingya women and children bodies from the Naf River in Myanmar. These people were attempting to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh until their boat capsized in the river and sadly, 20 people drowned from this event. According to three United Nations sources, 27,400 Rohingya Muslims have successfully crossed into Bangladesh from Myanmar after Rohingya insurgents attacked police posts and one army base with sticks, knives and bombs which led to clashes that have killed 117 people. This violence is considered to be the worst confrontations in the last five years at least. Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador for the United Nations, is urging the security forces in Myanmar to stop the clashes and commit to the international law. This is not the first set of violent attacks between these two groups. These confrontations have been going on since last October. The Rohingya have been denied citizenship and have fled for Bangladesh since the 1990’s. Bangladesh has insisted to the UN’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that the country does not have the resources to help the Rohingya who try to come in to the country. Myanmar, also known as Burma, says that their security personnel were told to protect the innocent civilians who are victims of the confrontations.

I believe that CBC and Thomson Reuters are reliable because they took the time to get the information from the United Nations who are on site and know what is happening so they have the information that can be used. Also, Thomson Reuters and CBC are both one of the biggest news networks in the world and they hold high standards to their fact checking and I think it is good enough to trust this story. If you want to know how you can trust a sources, always look at the company who is publishing this, who the journalist is if there is any and where does there information comes from. This will give you a pretty big idea on the accuracy of the story that you are reading.


I am thankful this issue was brought up since not many people have been talking about it. Thank you for writing about it and bringing it to people's attention. Your article has given me insight on an issue that I was not aware of. On the other hand, I am a little upset that you have not shared with us a link to the original article you are writing about. I would suggest to you as well that maybe next time, if possible, try finding a source who is directly related to the issue rather than one who has very few connections to the issue. CBC and Thomson Reuters have very few insight on what is happening in Bangladesh and Myanmar, and therefore can only rely their information on what other people say rather than what they've seen. I would consider these two sources as not being fully reliable and suggest to you that you look for more reliable sources next time.

Hello Maximum98,
It was quite interesting to read your post. I wasn't aware of what is happening in Myanmar and to read about these innocent people trying to flee that place to survive but still die in the end is really sad. I did a lot of project about refugees and sadly there is a lot of people who doesn't get that most of the refugees are trying to survive and are not there to "steal our jobs". However, you write about the refugee that tries to attend Bangladesh but it wasn't very clear as to why. You might want to add a bit more information about the conflict that is going on over there. In this article, , you will find more information as to how the conflict started and why. I found it really interesting and cultivating. It is written by Michael Caster who's a human rights advocate, researcher and civil society consultant. He has a Master Degree in Law and Diplomacy, plus one in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. He also worked in a lot of places including Myanmar. I believe that he is trustworthy.

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