Create Danger to Protect Yourself from It

by Alisoncampbell on August 31, 2017 - 12:38pm

Global News article written by the Associated press on August 28th 2017, explains how a man rushed inside a New Mexico public library and started shooting a gun in the air. Sadly, there has been 2 deaths and 4 injured. Shootings similar to this one are often reoccurring in America because of how accessible guns are. Although possession of firearms is legal mostly for protection in the States, sometimes they are used for the complete opposite. Just this month of August 2017, there has been 33 recorded shootings in America with over 45 deaths. If possession of firearms was illegal and finding guns would be more difficult, shootings may happen much less often. Shootings happen all too often in America and a way to reduce the amount would be to either completely ban possession of guns unless it was for hunting or similar reasons. Or, gun possession could be legal but the rule would need to be stricter. For example, if a person wanted to acquire a fire arm, he or she would need to have a license, which would be harder to get, through tests and making sure the person had a good and valid reason to own a gun. With the rules being stricter it would discourage people from getting guns for unacceptable reasons.

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