Bullying in Politics

by Sarah_B on September 19, 2017 - 7:42pm

The article written by Ruth Marcus, on The Daily Progress, on September 19th, talks about women being devaluated by men in politics. The article is mostly written about what happened in the US with Hillary Clinton and a House Minority Leader.

First of all, Nancy Pelosi was at a briefing in the White House Blue Room when she was being ignored. 11 people were seating around the table when she tried to speak but the men started to talk over her. It is only when she said; “Does anybody listen to women when they speak around here?” that the men stopped talking and actually started to listen.

Then, another example would be Hillary Clinton. When she was at her second presidential debate against Donald Trump, she writes that Donald was literally breathing down her neck but instead of asking him to backup, she just stood there because she says that a lot of people don’t like direct and angry woman. Instead of speaking up like Pelosi did, she chose to stand down.

In conclusion, would have Trump behaved in another way if his opponent would have been a male? Did the men at the briefing talked over Pelosi on purpose? We will never know. Women feel that because of their gender they are being diminished and that their points are not being counted. Not everyone would have spoken up as Pelosi did. Most of women would have stand down as Clinton did.

I can relate to this article because my mother is a politician. I used to study in Ottawa so I had the chance to go a lot in the parliament and political events. When I went to political events, I noticed that there were not a lot of women present. If there were women, they were not the one speaking or at least not the first ones. It was an amazing and bad experience. It was an amazing experience because I had the chance to be in the political world, I still am but not as much as when I lived in Ottawa. It was also a bad experience because it is kind of hard to watch your mother sometimes be criticised because of her gender. I heard some comments that I think would not had been said if she was a man. Otherwise, it was also great to see strong women speak up in the parliament when they had the chance. I believe there should be more women and more chance for them to speak up in politics.


Picture (My mother): Taken by me but it does not want to be in the right way... Sorry for that ! 

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