Animal Rights

by Alisoncampbell on November 7, 2017 - 11:11pm

Global News article, Video shows brutal treatment of animals at Canada Goose supplier written by Erica Alini underlines how animals are mistreated in big corporations whose products come mainly from animals. She talks specifically about the mistreatment of geese by the Canadian Goose company who uses their feathers in the jackets and real fur around the hood. In the video, viewers can see men grabbing the geese by the neck or piles of geese on top of each other inside I tiny cage trying to get out. Canada  Goose is trying to escape this controversy by claiming that these geese are not related to the supply chain but they have confirmed that the farm that is seen in this video is from JVC which is one of their main suppliers. After this video surfaced, JVC said they would train their employees to treat animals better and “treated more humanely during loading.” JVC general manager said, “We recognize there are improvements that could be made to the loading process and we are working on making this procedure better for the geese,” But really would are we sure we can trust this company after they have been mistreating these poor animals for so long.



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Hi, I’m Ikumi from Kansai University of International Students in Hyogo, Japan.
Thank you for your writing this essay. In this world, so many animals are killed by humans for making their foods, clothes, cosmetics and so on. We should respect their rights, but the humans can’t survive without their life because we can get some protein sources from their meat. In addition, if the government regulates killing animals for businesses, people who are working at the companies which are using animals would lose their jobs. In addition, in Japan, there are around 205,000 cats and dogs, which were euthanized in 2010 (Cara, 2013). Why did these cats need to die? This is because they become pets. Now, the “Hokensho,” some NGOs and volunteers are trying to improve this situation (Jessica, 2014). For example, they make a home where animals can live comfortably, and they hold some events for ordinally people who are interested in adopting these
animals. In fact, I have a dog which was taken from “Hokensho”. From these two things, the government should make a new law that companies must treat the animals more carefully and they should support NGO’s activities. In addition, everyone should have a responsibility for taking care of pets. Aside from geese, are there any other animals which you think
are not treated properly?


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