Animal Abandonment and New Power

by Audrey R. on November 1, 2017 - 1:23pm

(PHOTO: CINDY FISHER / S&S) An article posted on October 17th describes the growing problem of animal abandonment in Northwest Florida. It tells the story of one dog, Mary, found alone and injured on the edge of a highway. Mary is only one case of animal abandonment out of the thousands that have been discovered in the past few years. As it is well known, this problem is widespread and is not limited to this area of the world. It is actually an issue that concerns all of us as it is in our power to help the animals.  

New Power, as described in the Harvard Business Reviewis a shift in the way we use our power to transmit messages or help a cause. It is focused more on a collective approach rather than a few individuals holding all the power. Many companies have made the switch to new power because it has been proven to be successful. In the field of animal welfare issues, new power is constantly being used by major organizations such as PETA. In fact, huge campaigns are put together to reach as many people as possible. Strength is in numbers, which means that by reaching more people they are gaining much more power to change. An effective strategy that is constantly being used by PETA, notably, but also by other organizations is petitions. By getting the most people possible to sign a petition, the organizations have concrete proof that people want change. These petitions are repeatedly shared mostly online nowadays, educating a far greater number of people at a much faster rate. This strategy is one that could be used to help the situation of many abandoned animals just like Mary. If a large enough number of people protest and educate others on the issue of animal abandonment, it will become common knowledge that adopting a pet is a life-long commitment. Animal lives are just as important as any other type of life and should be treated ethically. 



About the author

My name is Audrey Rheaume, and I'm a first year student at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. My main area of focus for my writing is animal welfare, as it is an issue that is very important to me.