AI. ( Actually immane)

by Rice on August 29, 2017 - 9:18pm

March 26, 2017, Maureen Dowd, from Vanityfair, wrote about Elon Musk’s billion dollar crusade to stop AI. In this article she depicts Elon Musk as one of humanity's saviours or at least someone that needs to be heard seriously. She introduces the idea that AI or Artificial Intelligence may seriously enable actual scenarios from our worst horror movies. She does this through the introduction of Elon Musk’s views and opinions. Dowd starts with one of Elon’s recent statements about AI at M.I.T.  In 2014 he stated, “... AI was probably humanity’s biggest existential threat”. She further introduces this idea by explaining futuristic roles technology will inevitably have, for example: How to make earth better? Questions like this, as she explains, are very simple to answer. You get rid of the problem . . .  This is where she says advocates of regulating AI, like Elon Musk, start having cold sweats. Regulations, for example, could be like: AI would have to learn and be aligned with our collective goals. She explains that technology (AI) will more than likely see humanity as the problem to these dilemmas and thus will have to get rid of it. Through this Dowd developes on many advantages and breakthroughs that AI could possibly bring, if done right, and the disastrous consequences if done wrong. This is why, the author explains, Elon Musk has invested in various AI startups, to make sure they are on the right path and influence their direction accordingly. She then concludes with Elon Musk’s personal view of AI in the near future. He states that he believes in two possible scenarios for the coming years. The merging of the homo sapien with technology (computer chips in your head) or the eradication of humanity by technology.

Personally I also find this future very scary and unpredictable. However, we are still here and able to help find a solution. More people like Elon Musk, people who share the same views, have to start acting together in unison in order to further the cause and save humanity.


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