Parents Defend 7-Year-Old Mykayla Comstock’s Medical Marijuana Use

by sophie.johnson on November 12, 2014 - 7:16pm

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The article “Parents Defend 7-Year-Old Mykayla Comstock’s Medical Marijuana Use”, discusses the case of a child from Oregon who consumes cannabis oil on a daily basis. Mykayla Comstock has leukemia and consumes the drug in order to cope with the symptoms related to her chemotherapy. The child also claims that the high she gets from the cannabis oil makes everything funny to her, and ameliorates her general mood given her situation. The article was written nearly two years ago in the United States, where some states have legalized medical marijuana. Although medical marijuana is legal in Oregon, some people still do not accept or are not aware of the benefits of the drug. These people are the ones against the use of the drug for medical purposes considering it can have effects on the development of users under the age of 18 and that the drug is part of Schedule 1.

In this case study, the ethical question that comes to the mind of the parents and observers is the following: “Is it ethical for Mykayla Comstock, a 7-year-old who has leukemia and is chemotherapy patient, to consume cannabis on a daily basis?” The more general ethical question on the matter is “Is it ever moral to consume an illegal drug?” 


: I think that it is moral for a kid to consume medical illegal drugs, when she is dying, in order to avoid pain and suffering. As you explain in your case study, the kid had leukemia and was taking medical marijuana to cop symptoms. According to the utilitarianism principle, it is moral, because the action is causing more pleasure or enjoyment, because it`s avoid pain. You can also read the given link an interesting paper on medical drugs and morality (