Caveat Donor

by huppe.emilie on September 18, 2013 - 10:39pm

I am not particularly attracted by politic, but the question raise by this article interests me. Recently we have discovered a lot of corruption in the political system. Because of that, I think that a question like this one is very appropriate to think about.

This article raises the question: " Is it ethical for a candidate who has solicited funds to run for one political office to use those same funds if he decides to drop out of that race and run for a different office? "


I don‘t think that this is ethical because the person who has given the fund to this candidate probably wants those fond to help the political office. If the candidate chose to change office but to quip the fond, it is really disrespectful of the will of the person who give the fund.


Somebody with an opposite point of view could argue that another person could give funds because he wants to help the candidate in its carrier. Because of that it will be ok for the candidate to keep the fund  and go run for a different office.


My question is "Should we ask the donator why do they give the fund to the candidate in order to respect their will?"


I only use the first part of the article "Caveat Donor"

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