Should Canada Allow Death Assistance?

by 1530694 on September 12, 2016 - 7:15pm

A big issue as been questioned in Canada. These issues are about euthanasia and assisted suicide (death assistance). In Physician-assisted death: time to move beyond Yes or No, the debates is “whether sanctity of life is more valuable than personal autonomy” (Downar, Bailey, Kagan, Librach). In this article, it mentioned that they have to put some restriction because they do not want someone to have death assistance against their will. Another question is that: can people that want assisted suicide can be treated in a palliative center instead of using this method (Downar, Bailey, Kagan, Librach). Also, there is some doctor that does not want to assist their patient to death. What will happen if those doctors have patients that want this procedure? In the article, they look at the U.S. rules to see what rules should be good to have if Canada allows it. A rule that is important in the U.S. before someone has the right to have euthanasia two physicians have to look at the patient. The death assistance can affect palliative care, but in Canada, they want to continue increasing these resources before giving euthanasia to a patient. Many physicians in Canada are not in favor of death assistance. 

The value in favor of assisted suicide is individual freedom. The person that is suffering from a terminal illness should have the choice to decide if they want to live or they want to die. No ones can know what it is to suffer the way some people suffer until they suffer from a disease. That is a good reason for permitted people to choose whether or not they want to live. There is some case people cannot move and do anything, but those people were often able to move before the illness happened to them. Those people find it hard to live with this kind of pain. They know that there is no chance to go back or to cure their disease and often some people just want to die. Canada should give to those people the opportunity to choose individually what they want to do with their life. The value against death assisted: is staying loyal to your friends and family. Some people think that abandoned your life before the time you are supposed to, is being disloyal to the member of your life that loves you. The assisted suicide can be seen as a lack of courage. There are some people that think miracles can happen and that life can change. There are always some people that were very sick and one day they were becoming better, so some people think that you should not leave the people that were there for you before and in case a miracle happens.

I am in favor of death assistance because I think that when people had been suffering for so many years and there is not return to their situation, the only way to stop suffering is to die. When I put myself in the situation, even if I do not live it I think, I would prefer to die than to live a life in bad condition. I see the point where it certainly really difficult to quit people that you love, but even for them seeing someone that you loved suffering is difficult. Everybody, have their own way to see things and there is no bad opinion on the subject, just different views. Do you think Canada should approve death assistance?


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I am in total concordance with your opinion about death assistance, and personally I have rarely called it "assisted suicide" because that word bothers me very much, since I believe that assisted death and suicide should not be something that we mix and view as the same thing. To me death assistance is something totally different from suicide, I have always viewed suicide negatively, and without being mean I have always thought suicide is a little of a cowardly act, maybe its just the way I was raised and taught, but suicide is the easy way out. However when it comes to death assistance it has been made clear to me the amount of suffering some people go through, and in those cases I strongly think that they deserve the easy way out, because some terminal illnesses or deadly cancers are a horrible thing to live with and if they want to die, they should definitely be allowed to in situations like those. And I believe that death assistance has too many restrictions, while doctors evaluate options, these people who just wish to die are suffering, while they could have died peacefully sooner instead of suffering horribly. Do you think death assistance has too many restrictions and that physicians wait too long?

Thank you for your comment! I understand your point with "Death assistance" and "Assisted suicide" and I will take notes of what you said.

I believe you have chosen a really interesting and important issue, however I thought that your first paragraph was a bit confusing. I felt like you wanted to share too many informations at the same time, which made it a bit confusing for me. Furthermore, I felt like you had a lot more to say about the arguments for assisted suicide than against. Your arguments were a lot stronger, and more convincing than the later. Overall, I still liked your entry because of the issue, and I thought it was really interesting to read. For my part, I too believe that Canada should allow death assistance. People who are tired of suffering and who know they won’t get better should have the right to decide their fate. If they can’t bare the pain they are feeling, then they should have the right to end their life. However, I believe that before they are allowed to end their life, a short evaluation should be made on their case. I think that death assistance should be allowed to people who have been suffering for a while or who know that they will spend the rest of their life suffering. Not for people who have just hurt themselves, or who cannot think for themselves because of their condition.

Thank you for your comment and I will take care in the future to not put too much information in my first paragraph.

You chose a very interesting and actual topic with a title that represents it well! You have good arguments in favour of death assistance, even though you repeat a bit.

I do not agree with the argument that you have against assisted death which is staying loyal to your friends and family. I think, and I hope that any friend or family of the ill person would be able to understand the suffering of the person and the fact that he has no more joy in the world. A person should not have to take a personal decision according to what other people would think of it. It is their own life, they do what they want with it. Anyhow, a good argument against assisted suicide would be that sometimes, doctors make mistakes in medical care and therefore you cannot know if the person is actually going to survive the disease or not and still has chances to survive. My opinion on the subject is that a desperate ill person that has no medical nor mental hope of getting better should have the right to access to assisted suicide. Some restrictions need to apply, of course.

Sometimes though, people may take it as an easy way out instead of fighting until the end of their disease. Where can we differentiate a person that would have the right to access to assisted suicide and a person who could not?

Thank you for your comment! I understand your point view against assisted death and your arguments are good.