Is It Wrong to Kill a Baby Based on their Gender?

by rickykoch1 on September 11, 2016 - 7:56pm


The article called “Female Feticide in India” written by Ahmad Nehaluddin obtained from the ProQuest database talks about certain countries aborting babies depending on the baby’s gender. This article takes place in India and it is common that mothers kills their babies because the baby is a female. 


For female feticide:

The ethical principles and values for female feticide is respecting autonomy. In this case, mothers have the right to abort their child. If the mother wants a baby boy and the baby turns out to be a female, she has the right to abort it. Another ethical principal and value for female feticide is benefitting others. There are families in India who are extremely poor and when the mother has a female child, it is considered a burden on the family. In India and other countries as well, the female and her family must produce a dowry to give to the female’s husband. A dowry is a large sum of money presented to the female’s husband. If the female’s family is poor, the family may struggle to provide a dowry. This is why in certain countries like India, it is considered to good have a male baby rather than a female baby because males gain wealth and females give/lose their wealth. The moral principles in certain society accepts the idea of having more men than women therefore they are for the female feticide. 


Against female feticide: 

The ethical principles and values against female feticide is doing no harm. In this case, mothers deliberately kill the babies because of the gender of the child. Mothers want a boy and when they don’t get a boy, they abort the baby. This goes against doing no harm because one is killing a baby depending on the gender of the child. Another ethical principle and value against female feticide is being just. Gendered babies are not treated equally. Men are favored over women therefor this goes against being just. Lastly one last ethical principle and value against female feticide is being faithful. Female babies that aren’t aborted and are married off are often abused by their husbands 


I completely disagree with the idea of killing a child based on their gender. A mother should want a child no matter what gender it is. If the family is poor then they should use common sense. If they are poor why are they trying to have a baby in the first place? It’s a 50/50 chance. Perhaps they think that if the baby is a boy, they will gain wealth. But they must also prepare themselves for the baby might be a female. If they are poor and have a female child, they basically shot themselves in the foot. It is better to be poor and have no children than be poor and risk it. It is disgusting how some countries and societies still think females are weak and a burden and that men rule everything and gain everything. It is disgusting how some countries can still think like this. It is sexist because they obviously favor men over women. This makes no sense because if a country or society completely wipes out females, then how can a society reproduce? Men can’t give birth. There are still societies today where women have to stay home and cook, clean and take care of the kids. A society cannot survive without females because if there are no more females, who will stay home, cook, clean and take care of the kids? If there are no more females then the men have to do everything which is fine but I don’t think men in certain societies want to do that therefore they have women. That is why women are needed in societies like those so that men can do whatever they want and women have to take care of the house. It is total inequality because a family is taking a baby’s life away before she is even born. 


In conclusion, do you agree with the idea of female feticide? Do you think a society can still function without women? 



I enjoyed reading your post and learning about why people abort their children based on their gender. The things you wrote made sense, although I noticed that the information you provided was not referenced. There are no link or in-text citations; therefore I personally don't think the premises/arguments in this post can be acceptable because there is no relevant figure of authority backing you up. Everything you said could indeed be true but without any references and figure of authority there is no way of 100% knowing that what you're saying is acceptable. This may also lead people to think that this is maybe plagiarized, which you know is unacceptable also. If you would like to comment back with explanations and/or a link to reference your work, please feel free!
Thank you,

Nice work, you used words that strongly show your opinion. I do agree with the fact that it’s ethically wrong to kill a fetus because of his gender and that it isn’t a very smart move to conceive a child if you’re poor and can’t afford one. However those families might need people to help them do manual labor and in their,opinion that’s why they need a male (even though I believe that female are as capable of doing manual labor). You talk a lot about India but we must not forget that, it happens in Canada as well. The only difference is that people here, can abort for whatever reason they want. In my opinion, the real question to be asked is whether abortion is right or wrong .As much as I try to have an opinion on this subject, I find it very difficult since a person should be entitled to do what it wants with their body and on the other hand it is technically killing a future human. Since we are in the topic of abortion, I would like to leave you on this question: around what time is a fetus considered a human?

Your opinion is well showed, and I like it. I totally agreed with you. The population of India still lives into a different culture than western civilizations. Their way of acting can be qualified as moral egoism because they only think about themselves and not the baby. The real problem here is that there are still some differences between a man and a woman, such as the dowry. On the other hand, in Canada, all the men and the women should have the same right to get a job in an enterprise, which is not the case in India, so they value less the women. Equality is something that I value, and this is why I think that these norms should change because this is what will make the rest of the world equal. Also, we can observe that the sexes are not in equilibrium, which means that there will be more men than women, and therefore more rapes because we have less women available to be in couple with a man.Is there any other cultural point of view that affects the equality between sexes in India?