The Ignorance Behind "All Lives Matter"

by Jordon360 on September 12, 2016 - 8:31pm

The Ignorance Behind “All Lives Matter”

People started a new hashtag called all “All lives matter” after the incident with when a Police officer shot and killed an unarmed African-American male. This sparked protesting and riots, and strengthen the “Black lives matter” movement since this was the 23rd time police killed an unarmed African-American male, was caught on camera doing so, and was not given a suitable punishment for his actions. Some people thought that the African American community was being ignorant in these situations, and justify that the officers in each shooting made the right choice of action; therefore, they started the “All lives matter” hashtag stating we should not highlight black lives matter but all lives matter. As it turns out, theses are not wrong, all lives do matter, but what people do not realise is that saying that all lives matter in this situation you are the ignorant ones. When protester state “Black lives matter,” they are trying to highlight in the established evidence that black lives matter less than the white lives in the eyes of the criminal justice system and the American government as well. Many people think that the government treats all racial groups equally, however, these people are completely and unconditionally wrong. Most likely, if you are part of the “All lives matter,” it is likely that you live in a predominantly white area and you are surrounded by white people, and you have never witnessed acts done to non-white communities. People may be spouting “All lives matter” with good intentions, but are not aware of the fact that those words are truly harmful. If you do not understand the issue at hand, then why should anyone listen to your opinion, you have the right to have one, but wouldn’t the opinion of someone experiencing it first hand a lot more valuable. Instead of trying to fight something you do not have the slightest comprehension too, White America should sit down, listen, and try to understand where the minority group is coming from. “Black lives matter is trying to say that “Yes all lives matter but we’re focused on the Black ones right now because it is very apparent that our judicial system doesn’t know that. Plus, if you can't see why were exclaiming #blacklivesmatter, You are part of the problem”. On one side you are being ignorant to the problem at hand by stating “All lives matter” but in another hand, you might actually mean no harm, but still oblivious to the bigger picture. In both cases, you are being ignorant, racist, and fail to see the bigger problem at hand.  In my opinion by stating “All lives matter” you are educated enough to understand the “black lives matter,” and you're just drawing attention away from it hoping it will be irrelevant. You don’t know that the “Black lives matter” is actually pushing the government to correct their bias ways in the judicial situation, and to treat all ethnic groups equally. Have you ever seen a white man harassed, beaten, dehumanized, murdered, and the man who did this gets off with a suspension? Have you ever wondered how many families have been scarred? Do you know how it feels to be living in fear because the people who swore an oath to protect you are killing you left and right?


This is a great article, as the Black Lives Matter movement has been going on for a while now, and will probably continue for some time. I agree with your opinion, and agree that people who says "All lives matter" are mainly people who had never been discriminated because of their skin colour and do not see the injustice that is going on in the United States. The "Black Lives Matter" movement is really important these days, as the American justice system is unfair and discriminates, in a way, people of colour. I would maybe not call every person who states All lives matter racist, but certainly ignorant.
I like how your article really reflects your opinion, and how harsh it can be when people say "All lives Matter". My question is why are the police men killing unarmed African American still so respected in the United States? It would be interesting to see how the justice system is helping them get away with all those killings.

It is true that it almost seems like someone was trying to divert the attention from #blacklivesmatter by creating #alllivesmatter. I do agree when you say people do not know the exact situation we are dealing with here, and - you know what happens- someone says something on social media and then it spreads like a disease. However, although you most likely know it already, I have to say your text was too biased and you are definitely insulting some people by your words. You keep calling them ignorants, and even though it is true that some people contributing to the #alllivesmatter are ignorant of the details, you should have been more polite in your argumentation.