Facebook, Freedom of Speech, and Teens around the World

by AbeMakaveli on December 5, 2013 - 9:31am

Basically , this article is saying that Teens have zero privacy when they're posting on facebook. I disagree because the privacy settings allows you to change to thatg nobody but you and your friends can see it. The author of this article must not know about how to change the privacy settings. As soon as you sign up for your account it doesn't allow anybody you don't have as a friend to see what you post. You have to do that yourself if you want to make your profile public to the world. Also, when you're tagged in a post the only people who can see it are you, the person who tagged you and their friends , and your friends. Privacy isn't a problem, they're making a big deal out of nothing.


I dont think this is true, i feel as though Facebook is the complete opposite. Facebook gives you the freedom of speech to speak out to all your friends and family. As well it allows them to Like, comment with feedback, and even Share what you have to say to their profile. Facebook is a great way to get something out in the open. And if there is a privacy issue, Facebook is made very safe for users who are insecure, all you need to do is go into privacy settings and change your settings to what appeals to you.

I completely agree with your statement, Facebook is pretty open to everything - allows you to like peoples pictures, comment on them and communicate will friends from all around the globe. If there is a safety issue one is concerned about there are things one can do such as blocking people that you might not know, but they still try and add you... you can also have setting on specific albums, which is quite unique since you share it only with the few people you want. Also facebook has the option of kind of hiding your name on the search bar so only people who know you can look for you on their friends list. I think facebook is pretty safe with all these new setting they have, they are also pretty simple to use and set up.

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