Killing Animals for a "Selfie"

by Sguimont on September 17, 2015 - 8:58pm

Costa Rica's governement began an investigation,Tuesday, after tourists disrupted the laying eggs ritual of sea turtles. They really crossed a line, thus the turtles returned to the ocean without lying their eggs. According to an other source, there was three police officers and two park rangers on the field controlling the public. Furthermore, this is the only beach where the local population is allowed to harvest turtle's eggs and sell them.


Is this how humans are suppose to live with nature? Kill animals, for what, a selfie? We are so disconnected with the real world, always in the ''cloud'', that the environment becomes a second priority. However we should be more grateful for the nature's ressources since all our material possessions come from it. The earth is like a balanced mega-ecosystem, when a ''problem'' happens, it can provoke bad changes. The problem was here since 750 000 years, we caused so many issues that if we do not fix them quickly, our future is uncertain...           





I totally agree with the way you described our living style - so disconnected to the reality, always in the cloud. I love that. It's deep, and revealing, and at a certain point maybe shocking. It reminds me of a U.S. dentist who has killed an lion (see That man who killed a lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe attracted it out of its park with a lure behind his truck, and then shoot and killed the lion. He even paid $50,000US! And all that hunt for what ? A picture, for the ''cloud'' people of the internet ? He killed a super attraction of a park, which provides real sensations, to have an unreal fame.

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