The importance of keeping our planet clean

by kayLachapelle on September 17, 2015 - 10:08pm

For as long as I can remember my parents have always taught me the importance of recycling. They taught me throughout the years how to become a responsible person and to make sure that I keep the environment clean for the future generations to come. We often throw out things we think are no longer good when actually can be used for recycling purposes. These objects or anything we throw out in the garbage that can be recycled is considered a waste. By recycling, these things can be used to recreate something new. We have become such a lazy society where many believe that recycling is a waste and time and believe it has no purpose. I think we damaged the Earth a lot in the last hundred and thousand of years, which is why I think we need to not only change the way act but as well as our thinking process.

By recycling, we are saving some of our resources since it is sending less trash to our landfills, which in the end helps reducing water pollution since chemicals do not run into our lakes. It was proven by CEF (Conserve Energy Future) that by recycling aluminum cans, we could save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours. We need to start being realistic about what we really need and not buying to waste.

Many of you might think recycling is a waste of time and it if you don’t do it that it won’t make a difference. I want all of you to think no only for yourself but for future generations. Think of what our planet will be come if all of us consume and waste things we don’t need and especially not recycle. Recycling is as easy as throwing something out in the garbage. It may not look like it, but if everybody do it, our planet will be cleaner, our landfills will be cleared from waste and we will be able to make tons of new things with the things we will have recycled. When you recycle think about those three main elements: Reduce, reuse, recycle and especially think about why you are doing it and whom you are doing it for.




I agree with you, we need as a society start working hand by hand to reduce the pollution and then the climatic changes. We are not like any other generations, we are the generation who need to solve this consumption problem. Otherwise, I am not sure if our children will have the chance to live in perfect health. Like Rinkesh said in his article "Why Should We Recycle", even if you are not preoccuped by the environment, you can find other good reasons to do it. For example, you can save money by using you old products for other purposes and saving money is it not the principal goal in our society in 2015?


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