Early illnesses, health problems and death! The cause? …Our poisonous food that is so delicious!!!

by Analia on September 17, 2015 - 10:01pm

Early illnesses, health problems and death! The cause? …Our poisonous food that is so delicious!!!

Chips, hamburgers, hot-dogs, pizzas, etc. Restaurant fast food has replaced ancient home-cooking tradition! It has changed our mentality so that, now in 2015, a big percentage of people consider home-cooking as being an absolute waste of time. So they do as they keep going to restaurants! And this delicious food they find there appears to be the cause of their future health problems.

“The biggest cause of early death in the world is not smoking or alcohol - it's what you eat.” This article has been posted recently on internet presenting how the unhealthy eating appears to be a common death cause all around the world.

“A poor diet – which involves eating too few vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains and too much red meat, salt and sugar - was shown to be a bigger killer than smoking and alcohol.”[1]

            Indeed, according to this article, in UK, for instance, unhealthy eating is on top, low levels of activity are in 5th and smoking in 9th place on the list of the most health problem and death causing factors. In many other countries all those risk factors have lately decreased considerably save smoking which took the first place. But still, we are talking about massively harmful factors for our health on which list our food is on the top!

            This strikes you? But this is not always new for many of us. That is what I find extremely sad about our present society. Most of us know this fairly well! How many times do we keep talking about this subject all over and over in our present society? Indeed, many of those people who are instant food consumers, confess knowing its bad effects. But, then, a question comes up: Why, then, do they keep consuming it? Do they really can’t stand for that poisonous food that is so delicious?!



I found your text very interesting! Everything you said had a deep truth behind it, and it is sad that not everyone realizes how horrible it is for him or her to eat such processed food. I particularly liked the way you called it, “poisonous food”. Even though it is not poisonous the way ingesting a chemical such as fluorine would be, it is still a poison. It just kills you slower, pulling away from you the energy and the fitness you have little by little until you have diabetes, obesity, heart and cholesterol problems and you have difficulties walking up the stairs. It is horrible!
It would have been interesting if you included specific statistics, such as the ones found on this website: http://www.livestrong.com/article/383621-statistics-of-health-risks-from.... It would have made the text even more striking and it would enhance the “wake-up call” effect for certain people. For example, knowing that “in 2010, 36.9 percent of Americans had heart disease” and that this is believed to “climb to 40.5 percent by 2030” (“Statistics of Health Risks From Eating Fast Food” by Sharon Therien, Oct. 21 2013, livestrong.com) is a lot more striking and incites more to modify our habits. Great text overall!