After Cecil, a Panda Got Killed

by Sguimont on September 24, 2015 - 8:03pm

After the big controversy surrounding the lion that was illegally killed by an American dentist, it is now the panda that has to pay the price of human cruelty. Indeed, in China, two brothers and another person are being sued by the Chinese authorities for killing a giant panda. The brothers killed a female panda while they were looking for the animal that had killed their sheep. After realizing they had killed a big black and white bear, the two siblings decided to eat and sell parts of the carcass. In addition, according to this article, the Chinese government has spent a lot of money to save the panda, the most endangered species on Earth. Due to this intervention the number of pandas has seen an augmentation of 17% during the last decade. Nowadays, the WWF estimates that there are only 1800 alive pandas remaining in the country.

I think that it is very inhumane to kill innocent animals, especially when they are endangered species like pandas or lions. I am against animals poaching because it does not respect the fundamental aspects of hunting. In my opinion, it is a way to connect with nature and to transmit to younger generations the respect of the environment. Furthermore, this kind of actions tarnished the hunter community, indeed everyone will see us like killers. However, I am a hunter myself, for me it is not only about killing but also about being in nature.     


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