Is the Government Ready to Legalize Prostitution for the Safety of the Sex Workers?

by julia_rosie on February 1, 2014 - 7:36pm

           In this article, written by Denyse Coles, the idea that prostitution should be decriminalized is stressed.  The author puts emphasis on the three key factors that would be better for everyone.  These factors are dignity, safety and health.  She discusses about the fact that prostitution as we know it now is very dangerous and counterproductive.  According to Coles, when we think about the causes and consequences of prostitution such as drug addiction, sexual transmitted diseases and juvenile prostitution, we can understand that legalization of prostitution is important.  Denyse Coles tells the reader that it not the government’s business to interfere in sexual affairs of two consenting adults.

            In Canada, the practice itself is legal, but solicitation or getting paid for it is not.  According to her, these laws are not eliminating prostitution but they only make this practice very dangerous.  It is said that since Bill C-49 has passed, more than six hundred prostitutes have been murdered or missing.  Many of the women and men who are prostitutes are drug addicts and were victims of childhood sexual abuse.  It is pointed out that in any working area, there are laws to protect workers from sexual abuse and rape.  According to the author, since it is the law in any other kind of job, it should also be the case for sex workers.  Since in Canada prostitution is not legalized, prostitutes cannot denunciate a rape or sexual abuse.  Therefore, it is more dangerous for them and they are at high risk of murder and death. 

           According to me, this issue in our society debates the values of security versus order.  In the prostitute’s point of view, it is very unsecure to practice this work.  As the author of the text said, they could be murdered, raped or sexually abused.  The moral claim of that point of view would be that everyone is equal and would need as much security as needed.  In the government’s point of view, it is a question of order in the society.  If the government would accept and legalize this practice they might feel as losing power and authority.  Also, they would need to be responsible for all sex workers.  It is a big responsibility for the government and they might not know how to face it.  The moral claim of this point of view would be that it is illegal to exchange money if it is for a sexual relation.

           Finally, I would say my own opinion on the issue is that prostitution should be legalized.  I would like the government to put in place some security limits for sex workers.  Prostitution does happen every day.  Even if the government close their eyes to this social issue, it will always happen.  I do propose and wish that the government protects the sex workers in order to diminish the risk of rape, harassment, murder, sexual transmitted diseases and juvenile prostitution.  I believe that if the government would get involved in this issue, it would become far less dangerous for our society. As a citizen of Canada, do you feel legalization of prostitution should happen?


Coles, Denyse. "Point: Prostitution Should Be Decriminalized." Canadian Points Of View: Prostitution (2014): 2.Canadian Points of View Reference Centre. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.



I have to agree with you, if prostitution would be legal it would allow health care for the sex workers and will also allow the safety that everyone else receives. It is unjust that pornography is legal and prostitution isn't. Both of them are sex workers and they both get paid for what they do, so why don't they receive the same benefits? Sex workers are also people and deserve the right to receive social resources like everyone else. R. Hayes-Smith and Z. Shekarkhar suggest this in an article that was published. I believe that it can also help you support your opinion as well:

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