Basic Coding: A Mandatory Class?

by simonsaad on September 5, 2016 - 10:37pm

Basic Coding: A Mandatory Class?

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This article, written by Tim Bajarin, an analyst of technologies and computers, addresses the issue “Should basic coding be a mandatory class in Junior High?” With the use of multiple premises, the author draws the conclusion that yes, there should be a compulsory basic coding class in American middle schools.

Tim Bajarin first discusses the impacts that a programming class would have on one’s life and how it would help them understand the technological world we live in. Learning to code could help students to think logically and solve problems. He also emphasizes the fact that it is very important for the population to know how to use their electronic devices, as we live in an era where technology is very important. According to him, basic coding classes would give the opportunity to all students to learn more about a very important part of their life: technology.

The author also addresses the importance of technology in the work industry. According to him, the United States need more skilled programmers, and basic coding classes might get students interested in becoming a software engineer. Thus, introducing programming to middle school students might have a good impact on the economy.

Here is the standardized form of the author’s argument:  

  1. A main role of education should be to prepare kids to citizenship and adulthood.
  2. An introductory programming class would help students to understand technology.
  3. Technology is a big part of our lives and it is important to know how to use it and what it can do.
  4. Many of our devices include functions that only few people have the knowledge to use.
  5. A person that knows about the basics of software would be more apt to use their devices to their full potential.
  6. Even if the student does not become a software engineer, knowing programming basics would help them to think logically, use common sense and know more about their technological devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  7. The knowledge of technology and its design can have great impacts on one’s job, since they will be able to use technology to improve their work.
  8. There is a rise in the demand for skilled programmers in the work industry.
  9. Economically, due to the lack of programmers, the U.S. relies on coders from China and India.
  10. Basic programming classes could get students interested in pursuing a career in technology.

      11. Therefore, basic coding should be a compulsory class in middle school in the United States.  


My opinion : I have a tendency to agree with what the author is trying to demonstrate in his article. I agree that technology is a big part of our lives nowadays and that it is very important to learn how to use it and understand the basic of coding. I also agree that basic programming classes could get students interested in the subject, which would have a good impact on the economy and on the students themselves who might find a passion in coding.


I found your article very interesting because it's an issue of our modern days. We can easily relate to the author's questions. I also thought that your article was very simple to read and understand.

However, there is something that I think could be clearer. The article is based on one person's opinion. I'll explain myself. Even if we know that the author is an analyst of technologies and computers, wich is a great figure of authority, we are just seeing his side of the story. There are no studies to demonstrate his thoughts, just his reactions and theories towards the issue. I don't think it's enough to base the conclusion upon him. There is no one to second his thougts on the issue. I question the size of sample because it is practically nonexistent. Even if his arguments are valuable and that his ideas are logical, we can't be convinced for sure, based on just one man's persperctive. Maybe I misunderstood the article a bit or I didn't see it the way you did, but on either case, please respond to my comment so we can discuss it! Looking forward to it,
Thank you!!

I found your article interesting, because it is true that today's world is more and more surrounded by technology. The only problem I found with your article is that you base all your premises on someone’s belief and not facts. All your premises are convincing, but you never state what would be the positive effects of programming classes on our society. I think this cause your argument to be somehow weak because it contains no statistics or facts, but only opinions. I hope that this comment was useful.

Thank you,


I agree with this article! technology has such a big impact on our lives today and our futures. Some people in my family do not even know how to use a smart phone! I believe it is important to take advantage of the great technology that we have in todays day and age.