Marijuana in the Workplace, a Crime or a Choice?

by br1amb3r on May 6, 2017 - 12:27am

The article discusses the controversial arguments on how the legalization of marijuana will affect the workplace and its workers if the liberal government decides to pass the bill on the legalization of marijuana.

 On April 13th, the liberal government came out with a bill that could potentially legalize marijuana in Canada by July 2018. Basically, this bill will allow people 18 and over to publicly purchase marijuana, and be allowed to possess as much as 30 grams, and grow up to four plants of marijuana per residence.

Currently 75,166 patients are registered under the Access to Cannabis for medical purposes regulation, and it is expected an additional 900,000 Canadians will be more likely to smoke pot if the legislation is passed, and suddenly more than half of the working population would be smoking pot. So how will this affect the Canadian workplace? First off, the cannabis industry will create a quarter million jobs in the U.S by 2020, Colorado for example has a been a positive influence of the consequences of legalizing marijuana; adding $24 billion and 18,005 full time jobs to the state’s economy by 2016.

Legalizing marijuana is beneficial to the economy, but what about businesses that are not directly involved with the cannabis industry but have workers who smoke pot daily? Well according to a 2015 survey a fifth of business owners said they would allow their employees with medical marijuana prescriptions to use it in the workplace, but when its legalized, there will be no need for these “prescriptions” so how will that be monitored? When it comes to marijuana, as discussed in the news article, it’s not like taking one Tylenol which is equivalent to one Tylenol, when it comes to marijuana its different; it doesn’t always add up to what you are smoking depending on how it was grown and other factors, which could lead to unpredictable side effects. So how much is too much while on the job?

Another point discussed in this article is how did marijuana come to be illegal in Canada, well first off there’s no official reason but many influential aspects such as the book “The Black Candle” written by Emily F. Murphy who basically brainwashed the population into thinking that people who are on marijuana would have their morals altered and would be influenced to kill and perform violent acts.

My opinion in reason to this article is that I don’t think the legalization of marijuana will impair workers, because if they do decide to smoke pot it is probably to relieve stress which in turn makes them more productive throughout the work day. Also, I think it’s great that it will boost the economy, and people would know that the cannabis their getting isn’t laced with anything else and will ensure peoples security when it comes to buying marijuana, preventing accidental health risks. Also, the article suggested that most employees do smoke a bit before going to work because it relaxes them, so I don’t think the legalization of it will make them smoke more if they already make use of it in a productive way. A new generation is taking place, and like everything peoples mentalities will change on the legalization of marijuana, if not they won’t really have a choice. Is being relaxed and less stressed at work really a crime? 


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Hello br1amb3r,

First off, your writing style is the primary reason I chose to comment your post. I believe your writing style is very fluent and makes it easy to understand the controversial issue the post is discussing. Also, I really like how you separated your paragraphs; one for each main idea, which makes the lecture very pleasant.

In general, I think you made some really good points, especially around the idea that legalizing marijuana will help stimulating the Canadian economy. However, I strongly disagree with letting employees smoke marijuana before or during work. You mentioned that marijuana might help some stressed employees to relax, but not everyone reacts the same way to this drug. In fact, studies of marijuana's mental effects showed that the drug can impair or reduce short-term memory, alter sense of time, and reduce ability to do things which require concentration, swift reactions, and coordination, such as driving a car or operating machinery. Therefore, is marijuana really helping some employees to be more productive throughout the day like you said? In most cases, I do not think so… Also, some employees could become regular users of marijuana and thereby psychologically dependent. Consequently, they may have a hard time limiting their use and may want to try more serious drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc. This could cause harm in the employee’s personal and professional relationships. Let’s put aside the controversial issue of marijuana in the workplace for a moment. According to my values, I would personally not legalize marijuana in Canada because it could encourage our population to engage in unhealthy behaviors from a young age. As a matter of fact, some students might get stoned before class, be less concentrated and have lower grades. In my opinion, having good grades is important to encourage students’ esteem.

Finally, I would like to know a little more about your point of view around the controversial issue of legalizing marijuana in Canada. What are other benefits of legalizing marijuana in Canada besides economically? How would our society change if marijuana was legalized? How should we deal with pot-impaired driving, since there may be more of it? Please let me know!

Hello br1amb3r,

First of all, I decided to comment on your post because the topic you elaborated on is very much talked about in the media and the debate around it is very interesting. I also think that the title of your article very well reflects its content.

Not that I don't value your opinion, but I personally disagree with letting workers consume marijuana during their working hours. I strongly believe that there are way better options than to consume pot in order to relieve stress. In my opinion, people nowadays rely too much on medication. As soon as someone has a headache, they take a pill or two. Frankly, I find it exaggerated since headaches are often times a consequence of dehydration. Therefore, when a headache occurs, one should drink water instead of intaking those addictive pills. The same goes for marijuana; it is addictive ( 9% of adults and 17% of teenagers)* and proven to be noxious for one's health. In fact, some of marijuana's side effects are memory problems, severe anxiety and impaired thinking and ability to learn and perform complex tasks. Hence, given those side effects, I do no think that consuming marijuana will make anyone more productive or less anxious at work.

According to my values, legalizing marijuana would be a mistake. But in the end, I think its legalization would make it easier to verify the recommendations of quantities, for instance. Since it is not legal for the moment, the ones doing the mixes do not look at any quantity measures, which is why sometimes, one can feel an effect, and other times, does not feel anything, which makes them try again, until they get the one dose that makes them go out of their minds. In my opinion, consuming it is dangerous since people don't even know exactly WHAT they are intaking.

Finally, what do you think stressed workers should do instead of consuming marijuana? How would it be best for them if they did not consume any?



I decided to read your post because the legalisation of marijuana is a current issue that our government is debating on. Your text reflected the main ideas of this debate.

Personally, I agree with the legalisation of marijuana. I think that if it could be used wisely and with restrictions, it could benefit our society. If people are consuming marijuana like they are supposed to, I do not see the problem. Of course if it interferes with their peers or their workplace, they should stop or find another solution.

Some people have medical conditions that need to be treated with marijuana and they currently cannot access to that treatment since it is not legal. Even though marijuana is illegal here, many people can find a way to bypass the system. I would rather see people using legally than illegally.

Hello there,
I have decided to read your post because the discussion of marijuana being legalized has been going on for the longest of times and it goes back and forward with the pros and cons. You have very nice and fluent writing which has made me want to read more when I finished a paragraph. However I say in the title of my comment that marijuana is a crime is not really what I think overall. In the workplace I see it as a crime because some have very dangerous jobs and with the consumption of a drug, those people might be at risk of being severally hurt. Others just do not know how to control themselves and by having a drug being part of the workplace is not the best of ways to relieve stress. Alcohol is not allowed in the workplace then marijuana should not be allowed either. I have never been a fan of drugs but if people want to consume some, go ahead but on their recreational time, In the workplace is taking the legalization too far and others might be negatively affected if someone around them has consumed a drug, they might feel uncomfortable and therefore become less productive or not have that will to work.

I agree with your point of view, it should be legal to use Marijuana in workplace since it reduces stress and anxiety, It is also better than taking pills everyday, it doesn't endanger your health. I personally know people who smoke weed and they have told me that they work way better when they are high than when they are calm because they stress out when there is too much stuff to do. Personally, I think everyone's reaction is different when they get stoned so I cant say it is good or bad but we should let the employer decide what is best for their business. A point was raised by Jeffrey Pomerleau, he said that it shouldn't be allowed because "some jobs are dangerous". It is a valid point but like I said before, the employer could demand their employees to use marijuana in work. If the employee doesn't meet the requirement then there would be consequences . I have been high at work , it wasn't that great but if it helps people concentrate then go for it.


I decided to read and comment your article because this debate around marijuana and its legalization is more and more present in our society. People are getting more concerned about this issue which doesn't make unanimity at all. Your text explained very well this problematic.

In my opinion, it is a choice for workers to smoke pot at work or not. Of course I would prefer my employees not to smoke it daily but as said in the article, legalized or not, workers often smoke before work to relieve them from a certain stress. However, like you said, with its legalization, marijuana would now be tolerated in people's work environment and they can smoke it daily if they want. Medicinal marijuana is already allowed at work and the pot that would be legalized and sell on the market would not be very far from the effects of this medicinal pot. An employee with or without medical need would still have the same abilities or mind state when it comes about marijuana side effects. Moreover, cannabis would have a gigantic impact on the state's economy and can be really helpful by also creating a seriously big amount of jobs.

I strongly agree with your point of view however I have a fear concerning this new trend of smoking and was wondering if you had the same. Aren't you afraid of the new generations that will grow seeing these workers consuming pot at work and start to see this habit as normal and casual?

I read your article because because it's a controversial topic and I like the way you write and how you organise your ideas.

I also agree with the legalisation of marijuana. I believe that it will be good for our economy and I think that it's a better thing that marijuana is controlled by the government instead of being controlled by criminals. The drug will be less hard and less dangerous for the society! The on'y problem I see is that people will tend to smoke it in public places because it's not an illegsl drug anymore so they won't hide to smoke it...

Marijuana isn't a bad thing when it's consumed with moderation!

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