"Cross country" The New Canadian Sport?

by Jeffrey Pomerleau on May 5, 2017 - 8:08pm

The Canadian Press recently came out with an article “Conservative MPs Challenge Trudeau To See Illegal Border Crossings First-Hand”, mentioning illegal immigrants that are crossing from the United States into Canada. The residents of a couple different villages around Canada such as Emerson in the province of Manitoba and Hemmingford, Quebec that are affected by the immigration of these people do not see a problem. There are more and more immigrants seeking asylum into Canada however the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau does not act upon these issues. Some citizens and Conservative members of Parliament are putting pressure on the prime minister and have wanted him to visit the borders of these villages to see how much of problem this situation is. Residents are on both sides of the argument with allowing immigrants through no matter if its legally or illegally and others are concerned for the safety of the country when people are let in without any information on them. Ralph Goodale the Public Safety Minister of Canada contradicts Ted Falk and Michelle Rempel, two-members part of the Conservative Party, on their thoughts of illegal immigration by mentioning an irregular crossing of the border is not a free ticket to Canada. This allows for safety concerns to be tossed out the window.

                There is a risk by not being strict on illegal crossings at the Canadian border however it is a risk in my opinion that as a country I would be willing to take. On the personal point of view, I see that everyone should have a life that they want to live and if that is to get out of a situation you are not content with then that should be dealt with. If a citizen of United States wants to find a better life in Canada, come and we will do what we must do for our country to be safe. I do not see the risk of safety as being a possible harm to the country because I doubt someone is coming to the country to create conflicts and disturb the society. They want to be part of people. We are allowing a diversity of people into the country with different potential that are willing to do many things to make a living. I trust in our RCMP officers and everyone that is involved with protecting our country. They know what they are doing and there is no doubt they try and intervene with every person crossing into our country. They may miss some immigrants crossing but I can see that person who came across as one that has a goal to become part of a whole different community. There is more positive than negative to see in the debate of letting illegal immigrants through and even then, it’s not letting them but it’s only a new person becoming a part of the Canadian society.


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Hello Jeffrey Pomerleau,

I decided to comment on your post because of the title you gave it. I was attracted by your article because I actually thought it was going to discuss cross country running, a sport that I love and do myself. Even if it does not talk about any sport, I think your title was very appealing and that it reflects the content well.

I think that not being too strict is totally fine since it gives a chance to the immigrants to seek for better lives. In my opinion, people flee or leave their countries because they feel their life is unsafe and threatened. If they are looking for safety, I really do not see why a country should refuse their integration. I strongly believe that everyone deserves to live their lives at its fullest and be the happiest as possible. Furthermore, allowing immigrants in creates more diversity and more acceptance and open-mindedness around other ethnicities, which is something that needs to be worked on because of the stagnant disparities between different groups of people around the world. Therefore, I consider that allowing immigrants in is being human and tolerant, important qualities for a better world.

What would happen if no one could immigrate elsewhere? If one is looking for more safety, would not allowing his integration be considered attacking his personal rights? Would it be right to reject people who want to feel safe, just like everyone else does? Have you heard this saying: don't do to others what you wouldn't one do to you? Do you think this should apply in a case like this one?

I was quite hesitant to even click on this post because I thought it actually was on cross country running the sport, but after reading your article and post, I have to say that was quite the pun you did there. Other than your awesome title the content of your text is great and the issue well explained.

I do also think that not being too strict along the border to stop illegal border crossing is not such a huge issue and that yes everyone should have a shot at a better quality of life and all. However, I also think that this lenient behavior along the border is unfair to those who try to enter the country legally and get refused. Those who cross the border illegally, who may or may not have been refused through legal procedures for immigration, have a second chance at a better life, while those who wished to achieve the same legally, do not. Is it morally acceptable to let some individuals have a second chance, while others do not have that chance because they followed procedures?


I opened your article because of your title, I found that it represents correctly your text.

I am totally for the fact that the borders should not be too strick. However, I read somewhere that almost half of asylum seeker were crossing illegally into our country. Like the comment above mentioned, if they are crossing illegally that is because they were refused at some point. I think by setting restrictions, the government wants to eliminate any potential calamities. On one hand, I agree that everyone deserves a chance to live a better life and to feel safe. But on the other, I support the fact that we should stop people from immigrating illegally. Maybe some compromises could be the solution.

Hi Mr. Pomerleau,
I read your article because I love sports! You tricked me with your title! I really liike it!

I believe that strong restrictions at the borders is an important thing. Immigration is an important factor for our economy but it has to be controlled to keep order. Having strong restrictions at the border isn't only important for immigration but for criminals. Many drugs pass illegaly across the borders even if there are strong restrictions. If these would be not strict, we would lose control over the country!

So, stricts borders is a good thing for our order in our society and is a symbol of national security!