Slavery in 2017?

by kaylaleonard on December 3, 2017 - 10:53pm

In mid-November, CNN broadcasted slaves being auctioned off for some as less than 100$ at a Libyan Slave Market. An individual who was part of the slave auction shared his story in this article by Premium Times. Victory Imasuen was a barber who saved up money to open up a barber shop in Europe. Once they arrived in Libya, the driver who had driven Victory had announced he had not been paid, and Victory and others were taken and sold as slaves. He and 10 other Nigerians were sold and kept in a small room which kept more than 200 people locked up. They had beat him and forced him to call his family to send money. They demanded 200 000$ and his mother was unable to come up with the ransom. The men were sold as slaves and the women were sold as prostitutes, some more than once. Information about Victory had circulated around his community back home, and they raised the money all together and got him out in March of 2017. After gaining freedom, he attempting to flee to Italy but was caught and imprisoned. He was fed a slice of bread each day and drank salt water. Victory came up with a plan to escape, which was to ask a woman to claim him as her husband, and it ended up working and he was taken to a deportation camp. While he was there he was granted an interview with CNN and later Victory was finally deported back to Nigeria. He was a lucky man, so many people died from the abuse, slavery as well as the imprisonment the men and women faced. Many more people are still living in these horrible conditions. In my opinion, this topic shouldn’t even be a topic today. Slavery was never okay and it’s horrible to see it arising again. Humans are humans, no matter race and I would never have thought the day would come where slavery becomes an issue again, but here we are in 2017. We’re supposed to be moving forward to the future, not picking up bad aspects from the past.



Personally, I never believed that slavery was ever abolished as some cases of factory workers would almost be the same as slavery. For example, factory workers in China and India get paid just a couple of cents for more than 40 hours of work. Those cases of course are not as horrible as getting borderline abducted and sold off. I believe that other countries should intervene in cases like modern day slavery and forced prostitution.

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