The Right for Abortion

by kimberlyS on December 1, 2017 - 11:03pm

This article discusses about the contreversial issue that abortion is supported by medical institutions but is not able to be addressed socially. Individuals who experienced getting aborted, usually choose not to mention it because of the fear of getting judged or feel embarrassed, guilty for being part of the category of women who chose to get aborted. The main reason for these girls to feel this way is because there are preconceived expectations by the others that there is obviously a good reason for someone to choose this option. As an example, if a girl got raped, it is the "logical" idea for her to get aborted or else they would judge the fact that she is keeping a baby that was conceived with an abuser. To continue, the article mentions that the idea of a girl only choosing abortion without any specific reason is seen as wrong by the society. Most people judge the fact that if the individual is in the "right terms" to have a baby, then they should reproduce. To follow, even to this day, there are still many places in Canada (for example, New Brunswick), where girls are unable to receive abortions or sexual health care. Therefore, these people must travel big distances and pay a lot of money to receive the treatment they need. There are pro-abortion groups fighting for women's rights to abort by choice, they believe that this era needs to change for the better. 

The author of this article believes that abortion is a personal right and not a collective decision. Spring says that women should have services not only during the decision making of them having their child or not, but also throughout the period of when their child is growing up. She coninues by mentioning that there are priviledged people out there who have the necessary tools to be able to either follow their decision of aborting or having their baby. But she adds that unfortuantely, it is a small percentage of the population that has access to this and that change needs to be made.

I personally think that women should be allowed to decide on their own what to do in a situation of unwanted pregnancy. They are the ones carrying this child and many have to sacrifice their careers because they got pregnant way too young. I have seen a lot of cases of teenage pregancies, I even know a few people that have gone through this. Sadly, most of the girls end up educating their child alone since the teenage father decides to leave most of the time because he is not ready for such a big responsibility. The ones that stay are very rare. Therefore, single mothers have to deal with part-time jobs, school (if they still go) all the while trying to satisfy the needs of their children and not having much support around them. To follow, I find it very frustrating that there are places, especially in Canada that do not provide the necessary treatment for abortion. This only makes it even more difficult for girls in need of advice and help. I totally agree with Spring, that there needs to be serious changes made for the well-being of women today and for furture generations too.


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I completely agree with you and Spring. Women who become pregnant at a very young age are most likely no mature enough or ready for a child. They should be able to decide if they want to keep the baby or not, it is their bodies after all. However I can understand the other point of view. With the amount of contraception these days, there shouldn't be many unwanted pregnancies. If this ever happened to me, I would want the choice and be able to do what I want. I was happy to see an article on this topic, because it is very controversial and ignored by so many. I think you really capture what the author had to say, good job!

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I completely agree with you on that point, there are many methods of contraception to not fall into the unfortunate event of having to decide to abort the baby or not. Although, as we know accidents may happen and all kinds of different situations in which we get caught in. I would want the opportunity to choose as well. I personally believe that nobody should judge individuals before they walk into their shoes! Thank you for compliment it is very well appreciated!

I strongly agree with you and the article. I think it is really important that women have the right to choose if they want to abort or not. Mistake or not, things happen and i think women should not be ashamed of it. If i women takes the decision to not keep a baby because she cant, it should not be considered as wrong, yet a strong move. It is not easy, as we all know to have a child so if a women decides that she is incapable to keep a child, its usually for the best of the child. Making that decision to keep it or not is probably already not easy as is, so women should not be shamed for whatever she decides. If a women knows she cannot feed her baby and this is her only option, they why should it considered wrong? A person who judges a women for her descions to me is arrogant. Being in that position is not easy, so a women should be allowed to do what she pleases with her body, no matter what.

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