Our Planet is Crying for Our Help

by emillyorsini on December 7, 2017 - 3:02pm

In the Canadian coastal regions, many reports have been made about the burden of climate change. From storms, rising sea levels and, the melting icebergs causes liability to the coasts around Canada. Not only the flooding of coastal cities will occur but, it's stated that Nova Scotia is in the path of becoming completely covered  by arctic waters. Canada and other cities around the world are going to see tragic events due to climate change and the rising waters. Climate change will cause loss to many in coastal areas and also billions of dollars in damage.


The 23rd Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change happened to urge the the seriousness of the oceans rising and global climate change. Fiji being involved, is facing disastrous repercussions from climate change made up of loss of necessary coral reefs and their population having no choice to move. Also, islands like Kiribati and Tuvalu and at risk of complete flooding under water forcing evacuation.


Global concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has rising over 400 parts per million(ppm) which is considered to be the edge which climate will continue to increase if not controlled. In 2016, it was stated to be the hottest year on record and 2017 said to be the most extreme year of hurricanes worldwide. The world and coastal regions are now at strong physical, economic, food and populations risk never seen before due to ocean temperatures who are dangerously rising.


Four important action plans on how we can globally deal with this problem. The first policy  is called “blue carbon” which is meant to reduce carbon dioxide being released in the ecosystem.

The second plan is to increase our research to comprehend the oceans reactions to global warming and the consequences of human populations to learn how to react. The third is to execute policies that adapt to warmer climate and uses natural ways to reduce it and to toughen up our coastal regions and populations. Lastly, we must encourage and use the “blue economy” approach that realizes the capacity of the oceans, which pushes for lower carbon ways to increase diversity in the economy and keep the oceans pure.  


In my opinion, i strongly believe that climate change is affecting our planet and people should start realizing this and do more about it. It is our home we are walking on and that we are destroying for most unnecessary things. I believe the world is way stronger than we are, and we should come to see the fact that one day is will rebel against us. We are over-using our planet's abilities and should stop and begin to think of our actions. If we wish to live long lives without our planet naturally bashing us, i believe it is important that we should change now. The planet is clearly crying for humans to stop. We must discover eco-friendly ways to live and that allows the planet not be hurt by what we do. Why are we killing the only home we really have?


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