Nice Dogs Only

by alexlabrosse on December 3, 2017 - 4:34pm

The debate on pit bulls and mixed breed dogs around my town, Greenfield Park (Longueuil) has been an on-going debate for roughly the past 2 years. Now, the city of Longueuil has been pushing to ban pit bulls and pit bull mixes all together. If one does not hold a licence to own a pit bull, then they may not own one. I see this as a step in the right direction, as well as something that didn’t even have to be done. On one hand, pit bulls have been seen to be generally unpredictable and occasionally dangerous, and I see this ban to be put in place simply to protect the general public.


 On the other hand, any dog can go and bite someone, and can be unpredictable. To own a pit bull, the owner must be 18 years or older, complete dog training courses, present a veterinary certificate proving their dog isn’t dangerous, is sterilized, vaccinated and has a microchip. Also, dogs over 20 kilograms must wear a harness, unless they are a service dog. Also touched upon in this article, is the opinion of Laval’s mayor Marc Demers. He says that the behaviour of a dog depends solely on the way that an owner trains and treats it. If a dog owner neglects the fact that he must give constant care and actually teach their dog from what is right and wrong, then the product will be a dog that the city is generally worried about. All they are trying to do is create a safe neighbourhood where the public doesn’t have to worry about either a dog attacking them, or a dog attacking their own dogs, which is a problem in dog parks. After this being said, what Demers is attempting on bringing to Laval, is to criminalize the specific dog owners who don’t train their pets properly. I do see why he would like to do so, because being around untrained and unpredictable dogs is a very stressful event. Other specifics of the law state that owners of dogs that have mauled, attempted to attack or hurt a person or other animal will be fined and the animal euthanized. They are also considering putting in measures in place that would allow investigators to further look into dogs who show signs of aggressive or menacing behaviour. This all comes after the tragic death of a woman who was attacked by a pit bull in Pointe-aux-Trembles in Montreal. Is this a good way to go about resolving the issue of dangerous dogs?


I think is it unfair to place a law only focusing on pitbulls. Like you said, any dog can have such behaviour depending on the owner. If the wish to put a law to protect neighbouhoods, they should put it for all dogs. All dogs require training and good treatment to not be aggresive, its common sense. If you treat your animal right it will never fight back. Pitbulls require the same kind of attention like any other dog. Knowing this, i strongly believe that there should be a law made for every dog and not just pitbulls because it is just unfair.

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