Freedom of Speech

by PProvencher on December 3, 2017 - 12:21pm

This article looks at the pros and cons that freedom of speech present. Freedom of Speech is something that has been an important part of the history, and still is something very important in society to this day. Being able to speak freely has its advantage and here are some of them. First freedom of speech enable you to express yourself and your personal thoughts, it allows you to say what you want, when you want, without any worries about having to pay fines or being jailed. Another good aspect freedom of speech bring to the table is protection against special interest. Sometimes when something is profitable but not good for the users, the producers try to keep that in the shadows. With freedom of speech this becomes difficult, seeing as people can speak out freely about what they think about the producers product without any fear of negative repercussions. Freedom of speech is considered by many as a basic right. The main argument associated against freedom of speech is that it can lead to harmful speech. If people are allowed to say whatever they want, this means that they can say negative things that will offend people.

It is hard to say if restrictions on free speech should be implemented. As much as I think some things should not be said and that some people should be punished for some of the obscene things they say we need to protect the right to free speech. Many problems arise when comes the time to actually implement restrictions like, who will be in charge of determining what can and cannot be said? Growing  up I was always taught to express myself, and I believe that expressing yourself leads to a better, progressive society. In my opinion the benefits that are brought forth by freedom of speech far outweigh the negative effect it may have and I think that it is necessary in order for us to grow as a society to have freedom of speech, what do you think?


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I think that freedom of speech should have some boundaries. When freedom of speech become hate speech against a race or a community, I think it's the moment to put limits on what we tolerate. If we don't want to see more groups like the KKK, which is arising presently in the States, we need to make clear that hate speech should not be tolerated in our society. When we let groups such as the KKK promote hate speech, we saw what can happen with the Charlottesville incident. Do you think that every groups, such as white nationalist groups, should be tolerated in our modern world?

Hi ! I am commenting your post because the content and the way you explain it is really direct. I do agree with most of what you are saying because I was always told that my opinion is valued as much as the next person. I also agree with you when you say that if we all say what we believe we create a more open minded community because we would get to see or hear other points of views on a matter. While I believe that freedom of speech is very important, I am also worried by all the negative comments that could come out. My question is, if we don't have a person who goes over all the information, what kind of information or comments could we find on the internet and where should we draw the line?

I agree with you, although I think freedom of speech should have some regulations. I believe in the right to express yourself, which was what I was taught growing up as well, but if it's used in a negative way some boundaries should be put in place. Freedom of speech should express who you are, not put another human being down. It should help you get positive points across, not negative aspects such as racism. Freedom of speech should be allowed, but at the same time, hate speech should be banned. If you're expressing yourself in a positive way which causes no harm to anyone else, then I'm all for it. But when it reaches the point of sending a negative message across that hurts people, that should be where the cut off point lays. Then again, who decides what freedom of speech consists? Some could argue that their negative views should be considered freedom of speech because they're just expressing their opinion. This is undeniably a huge topic up for debate where many people disagree on. In the end, my view stays the same. I'm all for freedom of speech, unless it hurts another individual or brings forth negative messages.