Controversy on Abortion

by kaylaleonard on December 3, 2017 - 11:56am

This is an article about the debate on abortion between pro-choice, and pro-life. This debate has gone on for a long time after the US Supreme Court passed a law on it is a fundamental right to humans in 1973. For people who believe they are pro-choice, they state that abortion is a right and that it should not be limited or banned by any authority figure, including governments as well as religions. It’s believed that if abortion wasn’t a fundamental right, women would seek unsafe abortion treatment which could put them in an immense amount of danger. Some people who identify as pro-choice only believe as abortion as a last resort, while many others think it should be available at any time under any circumstance. Those who identify as pro-life argue that the human life begins at conception, therefore they consider it immoral, hence the fact they since the fetus is “alive” it’s considered as killing an innocent human being. A poll in 2014 was conducted and results show that 46% of Americans feel as if they are pro-life whereas 47% of Americans feel as if they’re pro-choice. There are many types of abortions that are available, two of which are surgical abortion (a surgery) and medical abortion (taking medication). The earliest abortion techniques were developed as of 1550 BC, and they were considered legal until “quickening” which is the first actual movement of the fetus. In the US, there are about 1.4 million abortions a year and it’s concluded that one out of every five pregnancies ends up in abortions. There are many arguments for and against abortion, as well as arguments for pro-choice and pro-life, but in my personal opinion, I'm more of a pro-choice than a pro-life. I can agree on some aspects on the pro-life side, such as how in my opinion, fetus life begins at contraception and basically killing a fetus is killing a being, but I also believe that 100% of women should have the right to chose for themselves, no matter what circumstances are up for debate. I believe that women should have a right to decide for themselves, because some just aren’t ready, or aren’t old enough to raise a child. Some could have been raped, and some just don’t have the means and resources to raise a child. Every woman deserves a choice, and even though I haven’t been put in the position to need to decide for myself yet, I still have beliefs on the issue, and the final word is that women should be able and allowed choose for themselves. I know many people disagree on it, and they can do as they please. If they don’t believe in abortion, then they shouldn’t have one. But those in need or in want of one, no matter the circumstances should be able to get one without receiving criticism and backlash.


Interesting summary, I enjoyed reading it and I found myself agreeing with a lot of the points you were making. I think it is very important for women to always have the last say and that they should never be forced to have a baby against their will. I think it is important to have abortions as an option, but they need to be an option of last resort in my opinion. If the pregnancy is potentially life threatening for the women or she may have been raped or somehow forced into this pregnancy in any way I think abortions are justified. I feel that if abortions are too easy to receive, that they will promote unprotected sex in our youth. Unprotect sex comes with a host of problems ranging from unplanned pregnancies, as mentioned, to STIs and other conditions. It is important to remember how extreme these procedures are and that they are not to be abused. I am not saying that if someone gets pregnant on accident during a one night stand we should relinquish their right to an abortion. I just think we need to make people aware that abortions are not to be taken lightly and they are to be used in extreme situations only. What do you all think about abortions being taken more serious?

Hi ! I have been having questions on this subject for a while and find it really interesting but hard to aboard. That being said you did an excellent job explaining why the two points of views on abortion and that made me understand why someone would be against abortion. As you explained abortion should be the choice of the woman, because is her life and her body. My question is, in a context where a woman was not raped, should she ask the father of the baby forming inside of her his opinion and what could happen if the father wants to keep the baby but the mother wants an abortion?

Reading through this summary I find you did a great job not only demonstrating why someone would be for abortion, as well as against. There were pertinent points on both and an un biased opinion is the best opinion. My view on abortion is very one sided. I believe females should have the right to decide if they would like to go through with having an abortion or not. In order to have a baby, you must be extremely stable in life, and be able to handle it financially. A women who feels like she has no help from her partner or bad habits in general should not be bringing a child into the world. Reading up on the subject, over 80% of Canadian women use some sort of contraceptive. This meaning abortion isn't a rising problem here in Canada. After all, should having a baby be considered the punishment for having sex?

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