Canada has a Gun Problem

by kimberlyS on December 2, 2017 - 5:25pm

The issue that is being discussed here, is the massive amounts of guns in Canada. Of course, as mentioned in the article, this country has far less guns than in America, it was said that Canada has about ten million guns therefore, about thirty-one guns per a hundred people whereas, America has about 310 million guns which gives one gun per person. Although, when discussing about gun security, it is taken into consideration that Canada is a way much safer place when compared to the United States. Even though, it does not result into less gun homicides. It was reported that between years 2009 and 2013, there were about 977 firearm homicides in Canada, while in the U.S. there were 56,000 gun homicides. It is a big difference because as it can be observed, there are much more guns available to Americans than to Canadians. The author continues by mentioning that by reducing the population's access to guns, it lowers the suicide risks. Of course, there is the debate that there are many other ways in which people use to kill themselves but a study found that fourty percent of individuals have spent only five minutes contemplating their death before shooting themselves. To continue, results show that Canada has more than 500 gun problems every year. 

Overton believes that Canada has a real gun problem. The author follows by saying that we should not compare between the U.S. and Canada and see who has the most deaths resulting to the ownership of guns. He argues that everybody should be concerned, even the country that has a small amount of people who committed gun suicide. Overton continues by implying that solutions need to be found in order for people with mental problems to consult help and that something needs to be done about the issue of access to guns. He believes that if we address the gun problem, it is a first step to preventing many suicides.

I think that Overton is right, instead of only comparing how many people committed suicide with a gun in hand, we should take action. Many people suffer from psychological problems and cannot access mental health treatment, mainly because of the lack of money, fear of judgment. We need to find solutions to help these people therefore, there would be way less deaths. I think that the accessibility of guns should be way more controlled, especially for the sake of our youth. Unfortunately, some young teenagers may sink into depression without knowing what to do therefore, their first idea may be to find a gun and commit suicide. It is a very sad fact but more and more people, especially teenagers are falling into depression. They need support and help. To follow, there were many reports of school shootings because of angry and depressed students. Guns too often fall in the wrong hands therefore, I believe the accessiblity of guns should be extremely limited.

Do you think guns should be authorized in Canada?


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While reading your summary, I felt like the article wasn't addressing the real problem. Many budget cuts are being made in mental health institution which isn't helping the rate. Moreover, the author left out data he did not say that Canada's suicides by firearms have gone down over the past few decades because of some stricter gun control, but that the overall suicide rate remained unchanged. Also, guns are not the only problem, people found and used other methods that were just as effective. Hanging is the number one suicide method for males in Canada and has an effectiveness rate only about a percent of firearms. I did some digging by looking at the Canada statistic. I agree with you that we should not compare to other countries instead focus on ours and bring the rate down significantly. We should not authorize guns because it will become more accessible.

This is my opinion on the subject; Feel free to challenge it, and if you have other statistics and feel like I was wrong, please leave a message.

My reply to your article is mostly because I enjoyed your writing style and because I believe gun control is a subject that is not stressed enough in Canada. To answer your question, I do believe guns should be authorized in Canada, but anyone who wants to own one has to undergo some type of background check to see if the person is deemed fit to own a gun. For instance, I wouldn't allow criminals to own a gun, and neither would I authorize access to a gun to a person with mental diseases that could make it unpredictable to know if they would use the gun in a dangerous manner. However, I believe that no matter how careful we are, it would be impossible to ensure that everyone who owns a gun, even after a background check that seems trustworthy, would not eventually use it in ways that could injure people purposefully without it being self-defense. You did mention that the accessibility to guns should be extremely limited. In which ways would you ensure this?

I agree how we shouldn't compare gun control in Canada and the US. We are our own country, and we don't need to be relying on another country's statistics to fix our own problems. Gun control should be used in Canada, and it should be monitored. Criminals shouldn't have access, as well as mentally unstable people to stop future possible attacks that could happen if both parties were issued guns. It should also be extremely limited, meaning people can't just walk into a store and buy a gun on the spot. I believe that if people as if they need a gun, they should be allowed to access one, but would need to be deemed fit to have one.