Volunteering with High School students

by SamanthaW on May 16, 2017 - 9:22am

I went to my old High School to spend a day talking to secondary four and five students about themselves, and listen. The goal was to engage the students into thinking about what they want to do after High School. College, University, or go work. The reason why I wanted to talk to them is simply, because they are controlled by their teachers and parents. They have schedules from school to follow, and at home, but no time to think of what they want to do or what they really like. I conducted a series of activities for them to work and focus on their skills. Group activities, that would make them think, either be the follower or the leader, help others, or be more timid and just listen and agree. I have specifically chosen to go to a leadership class, because they are the ones that are more prepared for their futures. This class puts the students through a series of assignments, from volunteer work, to winter camps, biking trips, hiking trips, and ends in secondary five with a group retreat. It focuses on teamwork, character building, working on their own strengths and abilities, to be then put into groups that either person can benefit from learning. Making the students work with people they wouldn’t generally work with, to teach them, that they will not always be working alongside someone they fully appreciate. When it came time to ask them if they knew what they wanted to do later on, or what program to go into in college, I was practically being laughed at and told I was crazy to think that. It then made me realize that those kids need older models that aren’t their parents, or teachers, but other students from higher level school, to tell them how important it is to know what they want to do, and to give them a wake up call about further studies.


These young minds are the future, and will later on become our doctors, dentists, pilots, artists, and so on, if no one is there to help them, how will they become all of those? How will they know that that is what they want to do, if no one guides them? This is important because, many students lives can be affected in a negative way if they don’t get the help they need in order to find out what they want to do. There will be more and more dropouts, drug dealers, drug users, suicides because they simply will not know what to do with their lives, literally. These teenagers should have a class that will benefit their futures, which will be their careers. This information shows the drop-out rates from 2006-2007. There is no further information from recent years, so the satistics can be very different.  


In this article I talked about a volunteer that went to a school as a teacher in a third world country, and how she managed to change some of her students life., and how volunteering can deeply affect others and the learning experience. I also mentioned Greg Toppo, and how he said that kids are too focused on their school work and not on themselves to figure out what they want. In his article, he mentions that kids are tired and bored of school.

Since I have gone to my old High School to speak to the secondary four and five students about life choices and how to help them. The two articles’ focuses are about how volunteering with students can help them benefit from the help they need and help them focus on them, as well as how students should be doing their best to focus on their own goals, while being in school.


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Samantha Williams, a Tourism student at Champlain College. Currently living on my own in Charlemagne. Planning on finishing my studies at Champlain, then go into Human Resources at Concordia. I love writing, playing sports, singing, painting, and volunteering where I may be needed.