Three disciplines involved in fighting Homelessness

by mathewdupere on March 26, 2017 - 11:49pm

Mathew Dupere

Three disciplines involved in fighting Homelessness

In the research I have done I have found three disciplines that tie into the issue of homelessness. These three disciplines are first of all Psychiatry, Public health and Housing Law/Community Economic Development. First of all, Psychiatry is according to the American Psychiatric association “Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.” It has been said many times that many of the homeless suffer from mental illness. Being able to control or help these people through medicine could heavily impact this issue because, because they would be able to  possibly find a job and be able to have somewhat of a better life than living on the street and in shelters. I think that if more research was available we would be able to have better solutions for the problem because if we were able to properly see what is going in side homeless people's head’s they could try to prevent it from happening again with a younger generation. I’m not sure the problem would be less common, because it is a study that takes lots of time to be able to be an expert and just because someone know’s what the discipline is would not mean that they could help solve the problem.

Another discipline that is has to do with homelessness is public health. Public health is according to the University of Pittsburgh “Public health is defined as the science of protecting the safety and improving the health of communities through education, policy making and research for disease and injury prevention”. This is a very important part of helping homeless people as they are the ones coming up with the solutions to help the homeless get off the streets. It is also what is helping prevent people from going homeless. I think more research would help a lot because it would let everyone be able to help and try to solve the problem because, as said in the definition the community can be involved which makes it that everyone could help. I think if more people knew about this, contrary to psychiatry I think the problem would be less common because more people would look into it and be able to find research that they could use to help.

The final discipline I have chosen to look at is, Housing Law and Community Economic Development. According to Georgetown Law “Housing and economic development law concerns policy, advocacy, and litigation regarding affordable housing, poverty, and community economic development.” This practice is very important because it is the research of creating homes for people who are poor and who are homeless, the people who study this are the ones researching everything that needs to be done to be able to create homes and such for the less fortunate. I definitely think that if more research was available it would be much easier to find a solution, because it would allow better plans for affordable housing and it would be much easier for everyone to get what needs to be done finished. As with psychiatry I do not think that if more people knew about this it would help. The reason i think this is because since it is a discipline that requires lots of studies such as law knowing about the subject would not help unless it would make you study in this field.

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This was a very informative text on homelessness and the disciplines related to it. Unfortunately homelessness is extremely common, and there are certain demographics that are more at risk of living on the streets than others. This can be related to the term intersectionality, which can be defined as the overlapping of a person’s identities that give them either more or less advantage compared to others. In regards to homelessness, intersectionality plays an important role in determining how at risk a person is to become homeless; it also can help predict whether or not a homeless person will struggle to improve their living standards. For example, an older man from a lower economic background will be much more likely to become homeless for a long period of time than a middle-aged white man from a middle or upper class family. Women on the other hand tend to find a home more quickly, however they are more at risk of sexual assault and verbal abuse. Their race, age, and economic background also play a part in determining their chances of living on the streets. If you wish to verify my facts or learn more about intersectionality and homelessness, you can do so here:

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