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by SVL on May 18, 2017 - 11:31pm

Throughout my whole semester in Newsactivism, I had the chance to write about various interesting problems such as the introduction of the travel ban by the Trump’s administration, Kim Kardashian’s slut-shaming story and even made an opinion piece on the fake news. Going in the same direction for my final project, I took the liberty to create a blog tackling different women’s issues like feminism, rape culture and the pressure of being perfect – in other words, issues I am passionate about – instead of writing a research paper or take a volunteer opportunity.

When writing my blog, I had to ask a number of questions to other female classmates to have a broader view on the different aspects concerning topics relating to women’s rights and women empowerment. My main goal was to figure out the problems a Cegep female student could be facing in today’s society, even after the tremendous work of suffragettes in the 1900s. Interestingly, my blog name, The Sissy State, refers to not only my nickname but also to the quote, “state of mind”, because I am sincerely hoping that I can influence another individual in society to have a more open-minded outlook on women’s issues.

These pictures show what The Sissy State looks like on top of an example of a draft post I wrote based on an interview I had with one of my classmates. The last picture gives a sneak peak of the behind of scenes of the steps I took to create the layout of my blog.

The inspiration for the creation of The Sissy State came from not only online platforms such as The Lenny Letter and Rookie Magazine, but also as a response to the increasing need for the female population to speak up about the gender inequalities between men and women and the lack of moral support towards girls. Indeed, in The Slate’s “The Empire Strikes Back”, the article discussed how the role and the perception of women shifted during the recent years. For example, “on television, women went from ornaments to protagonists, starring in a slew of raunchy comedies in which men were often afterthoughts.” (Goldberg, par. 3) Yet, the author, Michelle Goldberg, warned how the progression suffragettes made for the recognition of the woman’s place in society might change due to Donald Trump’s electoral triumph, a President with a team known for their more conservative views. In other words, “we can say goodbye to Department of Education’s pressure on colleges to address campus rape. We can expect the end of federal aid for Planned Parenthood and of federal government action to promote equal pay and fight sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination.” (Goldberg, par. 10) This is truly alarming! Therefore, staying silent on those matters is not going to solve or change anything. If anything, it is going to make it worse. Indeed, politicians are not going to know about the population’s disapprovement on the President’s policies if no one shows their frustration or vent off about these problems.

Today, even if the population has a better understanding of what a feminist stand for, there is still a misconception on the portrayal of a person fighting for equal rights between men and women. Stereotypes have given a negative image to feminists which overshadow their advocating for a reduction of the gender inequalities. Since our fight is far from over, I believe by creating a blog, I can help other individuals see other Cegep girls’ personal experiences with women’s issues through work or school in the hope to bring them on board of a greater movement: the promotion female’s rights. It can make them realize that this is not joke, but the current reality their girlfriend, their female friends, their daughter or their niece is currently facing in society (I mainly focus on the Cegep female population on my blog). The more people being aware of the consequences of, for example, the lack of job opportunities because of the gender and the ones mentioned in the article, the higher percentage of the population is going to show their frustration to their politicians to pressure them into making a change for the better. It can create important movements like the Women’s March where people from all over the world combine their force to promote women’s rights. Like I said in the beginning, I created my blog as a response to the growing gap between the two sexes. It would be wrong on my part to sit there and watch it continuously grow bigger until us, women, are treated as properties, the same way as in the past.

To conclude, I wrote a total of 10 posts on The Sissy States. The GirlTalk series is ready to be read. The other posts will be published over the course of the week. I think the hardest challenge I came across through this project was finding time to write because I had to balance this project with my extracurricular activities on top of school work (finals, assignments, homework … you name it).

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