Homelessness: How can I help?

by AlexeKantchev on April 2, 2017 - 11:09pm

In 2008, in Alberta, a university created a movement to spread awareness by living in the streets for a week just like homeless people do all year long. The students who do so live with the basic things a homeless person have access to such as a coat, a sleeping bag and maybe blankets. This movement became popular over the years and is now practiced here in Montreal by Concordia’s students. On March 16th, while there was a snowstorm here in Montreal, students decided to do the project anyways and were very happy of the results. Indeed, because of the bad conditions people were “more responsive” and gave more money for the cause since it was easier for them to see how hard it was to live in those kinds of conditions. New ways to raise awareness are being invented and are even more helpful and creative than before, which makes it possible for everyone to participate. 




For the final project of this course, I will volunteer twice to serve dinner at The Old Brewery Mission to show my support and emerge myself in the homeless community to fully grasp the extant of this social issue. I will serve supper from 4:30 to 6:30 on Tuesday, April 4th as well as Friday, April 7th. I will also ask a few questions to the staff to make this experience even more educative. To learn more about The Old Brewery Mission, you can click on the link bellow:



I enjoyed reading your post, thank you for informing me on the Concordia campaign! If you are interested in doing more volunteer work in an organization that helps fight homelessness, I would encourage you to see the Accueil Bonneau’s website. It’s a homeless shelter in Montreal which value respect, compassion, trust, and solidarity. They have been open for 140 years and help thousands of people each year. If you wish to volunteer with them you can either join them at 514-845-3906, or write an email to info@accueilbonneau.com.
For more information on the organization, here is the link to their website https://www.accueilbonneau.com/apropos/