Homelessness: How is homelessness and mental illness connected?

by mathewdupere on April 3, 2017 - 9:42am

Mathew Dupere

Homelessness: How is homelessness and mental illness connected?

In the article by the Toronto star they say that the federal government controls too much when it comes to homelessness and they need to let the provincial government and let the provinces take their own steps necessary to fix their problems. This would make that the provinces would have their own ministers for housing and development and also homelessness. Which would make the problem much easier to create long term or short term solutions. The provinces would be able to concentrate on their own problems instead of the federal government having to deal with everything at once, it would split the task into smaller portions for everyone.

In my paper I will be asking myself the question. How is homelessness and mental illness connected? I plan to use academic journals from ebsco host, such as journals on mental illness and the homeless and studies that have linked both together. More knowledge on homelessness and mental illness could help a lot because it would show us where there root of the problem may be coming from, and we would be able to get to the problem and fix it. It would also help the people that already are living on the street because we could treat them and maybe help re-establish a somewhat normal life.

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