Haiti: help and support from around the world

by audreysantello on January 29, 2017 - 6:04pm

The article "Haiti: massive distribution of building materials in hard-to-reach areas still recovering from Hurricane Matthew" ,written by Doctors without Borders (DWB) on January 23rd 2017, briefly explains the measures taken by this organization to help and save as much people as they can. Doctors without Borders showed their support towards the population of Haiti by distributing building materials for the damaged homes, hygiene kits, water, blankets, food and more.  Haiti was hit once more by a deathly hurricane last year in October which resulted in many deaths and injuries. Without this worldwide organization to help this country in great need of support, even more death would have occurred and diseases may have killed other citizens; Diseases would have been propagated easier with the wind and rain destroying shelters. By giving their support, Doctors without Borders are helping Haiti rebuild their homes and their lives. 9,530 families were given metal sheets which is enough to make a home. The organization also collaborated with the World Food Programme to feed those in need and bring fresh water. In all, 250 nations and 39 international members of Doctors without borders are still active 3 months after the tragic event to help those suffering. What could be better than this organization and what could help even more? Donating to the organization or helping on the field is easy and greatly recommended to all those who want to change the world. DWB is an excellent way to help those in need and help reduce the risks of death, health problems and participate in rebuilding society. 

Source: Doctors without Borders

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