Children Benefits: How Volunteering at a School can Help the Problem

by SamanthaW on April 2, 2017 - 3:01pm

In this article a volunteer by the name Neesha, talks about her experiences as a volunteer teacher in a third world country. She said it would be nice to have some sort of certificate saying that she has volunteered somewhere. She also says, it’s not just about having a certificate, it’s about making young kids smile and making a difference. She had some students call her when she had completed her volunteer work telling her they miss her. At the end of the article it mentions a student that was persuaded that women cannot have the same jobs as men. With a lot of talking she convinced him that women can do the same as men can. Neesha mentions how she had a female student that was pulled out of her class because she had a child with her and she was trying to get someone to take care of her child. The point of her volunteering was to show how young adults, students, can benefit from a new learning experience, and better themselves.

Teenagers in high school are programmed to think a certain way, act a certain way, do things a certain way, and are not prepared for college, or yet know what they want and what they like. An article written by Greg Toppo mentions how students are tired and bored of school. He says, ‘“It's a shame that much of our nation's education system is not focused on helping kids figure out their own goals, but rather (on) a standardized curriculum”’. From the moment children start school, teachers should help them discover what they like and who they are, as well as doing school work.

For this assignment, I plan on going to my old high school to meet with the leadership teacher, as I know she has a lot of activities to further help the students discover more about themselves as individuals. I will be helping her with a class to prepare activities and such and teach them what is important, and to make them feel valued and important. I will show them how my leadership classes have helped me develop and progress in what I love doing. My visit will be within the next two weeks.

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