Child Health Issues: How volunteering can help promote positive health

by B.Matthews on April 2, 2017 - 3:43pm

The Star has published an article called “Ban food and drink ads to fight childhood obesity.” This article summarizes a non-profit organization, “The Heart and Stroke Foundation”, talking about a call to action towards the federal government in passing a law that prohibits food and beverage marketing towards children. According to Diego Marchese, interim CEO and executive vice-president of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian children obesity rates have tripled since 1979 which places them at greater harm to developing heart problems, diabetes in their futures. However, this is not their first time for issuing a report. This non-profit organization including 11 others are a part of the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition. In addition, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states to Jane Philpot, Minister of Health, which he expects to, see the promotion towards public health. Surprisingly, since the legislation in 1980, Quebec’s statistical rates show the lowest obesity rates amongst Canadian’s children.


For my final assignment, I plan on helping out the Heart and Stroke Foundation by raising awareness and funds towards promoting a better lifestyle to children.  My final assignment will be based around the topic of health. The goal of this foundation is to increase children’s activity level to just 60 minutes of exercise each day to help further prevent any health problems in the future. My job will consist of raising funds for the organization, as the funds will be used to promote children’s activity throughout schools. I’m hoping to collect a goal of $100.00, as this is just the start to a new beginning for a set of children. This volunteering task will be done on my own time, as when I am done or have reached my goal set the money will be collected. I am also hoping to interview the person in charge to ask more about the foundation itself and the goals they have for the future.


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