Animals are not objects to abuse !

by pascaleworld on April 2, 2017 - 7:47pm

The 13th of March, Global News published an article "Penticton woman charged with human cruelty" which exposes a woman who had abused her dogs. One of them was found with only skin on his bones. She will be facing the court on April 26th for making her dogs suffer without any reasons, leading the animals in distress. The article seems reliable as Global News provides many contacts and had published about the same issue before.

Animal abuse has to stop. I have been talking about animal weeks for a few days and I think one of the way to approach the issues is to volunteer. I will myself volunteer at a refuge called SPCA Montérégie. Their goal is to protect the animals against being abused, exploited or neglected. They also want to take care of them and their well-being and as well raise the awareness of the public.


Their website contains no information on what volunteers can do as it says there are currently not searching for any and I have yet to receive the information by email, but according to the SPCA of Montréal, I could be part of the cat nail-trimming service, or adopter greeter, to welcome animals and adopters, be part of the animal care team or as well as the pet finder team. Most of them require being bilingual, being empathic and organized, being able to work in team, to have autonomy, to love working with the public and the most important would be to love animals. I definitely love animals and I have all the skills required.


I intend to work on Sunday from 3 to 6pm, hopefully I’ll be able to work on these hours as it would be the only available time I have.


*More info to follow




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