Exposing Fake News about NFL Conspiracies

by jonathanlevy31 on February 13, 2018 - 2:48pm

          Politifact.com published a story titled Story that NFL Lawyer said Super Bowl is Rigged and was Murdered is Fake News. Amy Sherman wrote this article on Friday, February 2nd, 2018 exactly one day after the fake news article came out. Only days to go until the Super Bowl, a story circulating on social media claimed that a lawyer for the NFL was found dead in a 'Gangland- style execution' after he claims to expose the NFL on being rigged. Amy Sherman explains that there was no evidence found that the NFL lawyer Dan Goodes even exists or that he was even found dead in his car. The fake story explains that Mr. Goodes had been representing the NFL in Minneapolis in order to promote the 2018 Super Bowl when he accidentally went off script and said that the NFL is secretly 'rigged' in order to earn maximum profit for the whole league. Sherman discusses how the picture that was taken from the article does not appear on Nexis and that it was allegedly take on January 28th, for the New York Times. In addition, the fake news article that Amy Sherman is exposing has a URL titled "New York Times", this is evidence of fake news because New York Times spokesman Eileen Murphy told Politifact that "it's a false reference to a none- existent NYT story". The reason why this fake news story broke out around social media is because there have been a lot of conspiracies over the National Football League and fans believed that some games are 'rigged'. Once this story hit the web, a lot of angry fans believed that the conspiracy was true.  

Furthermore, the reason for why this news article could be deemed as credible is due to plenty of factors. Amy Sherman is a staff writer for Politifacts who has written almost a douzaine articles exposing fake news. In addition, before she worked at Politifacts, she worked as a staff writer for the Miami Herald and the St. Paul Pioneer Presstherefore she could be deemed as credible to her work experience and the number of articles she's written in order to expose the fake news that the people are believing. Moreover, Amy Sherman graduated Macalester College in St. Paul with a history degree which also proves as why this article is credible. Finally, the last reason why this news article is credible is because there are all the sources that she had used provided on the side of the article demonstrating that she has done sufficient research on the matter before she posted the article and it was even edited by Angie Holand