The Chinese Media Attacks Trump

by akhom.voladeth on February 13, 2018 - 3:13pm

On Friday China denied Donald trumps report said that china has been selling oil product to North Korean and it violation of UN as the result of the fake news people have been criticism and mockery Trump as “Stupid”.

  On Thursday China did not do as US told them to do, the US told them to blacklist the six-foreign flagged ship, 5 out of 6 flagged ship were own by china and Hong Kong and because of that a U.N. Security Council diplomat in Washington said he believe that there was an illegal trade between China and North Korea.

   Trump said on his twitter that China have been “caught RED HANDED” that china allowing oil into North Korea and that would prevent “a friendly solution” to prevent funding North Korean on development of nuclear missile.

  Trump said to New York Time interview that he tries to come up with traded policy with China to cooperation and solving the problem with China, during the interview the he giving a hint at move to launch a trade war on China.

     Mei Xingu an advisor to trade officials in China, told state-owned Chinese newspaper Global Times that Trump try link the issue and address them together. Those two issues are already complicated on their own as the result he said that Trump make a stupid decision.

    Lu Chao, a Korean expert at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, said that Trump's tweets were simply “irresponsible.” Because he conducting diplomatic negotiations on Twitter and he getting the information through fake news instead of the most powerful intelligence apparatus in the world under his control.

   China will investigate, the matter and deal with them seriously in accordance with laws and regulations. by: teleSUR / egb-CM-rg

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