Is Vegetarian Madness?

by helicopter_bus on August 28, 2017 - 9:31pm

Consuming vegetation as the main source of food in our daily lives is in fact harmful to our environment and ourselves. The amount of genetically modified organisms in our food is not only unnatural, which is what fruits and vegetables are supposed to be, but while we spray our crops with pesticides, it is killing all the micro-organisms in the soil. Intensely farmed crops like soy and corn that are often genetically modified to keep away pesticides are given to animals in their feed.

Not to be forgotten that vegetation needs a place to grow which takes up a lot of land, especially to feed the world. For example, the article has mentioned that avocados have created deforestation in Mexico. Intensively growing almonds in water is partly blamed for the water shortage in California during the state’s multi-year drought and soy crops, which are mostly for feed have been a part in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.




Your article brought up good points which I was unaware of, being a vegetarian myself. However, it is important to know that no industry is as destructive to the environment as the one of animal farming. According to an article from PETA ( ) , animal agriculture is the cause for over 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions. They also suggest that a vegan diet would be the best option for everyone if we want to save our planet. But the damage caused by animal agriculture doesn't stop at greenhouse gas emissions: it has effects on raising world pollution, notably in our oceans and takes up 20 times more land than if everyone adopted a vegan diet. While it may be true that certain plant crops may be harmful to the environment, they do not even compare to the negative effects that the meat and dairy industries have on our planet. As for the genetically modified organisms mentioned in your article, this can easily be avoided by selecting the right food products that are guaranteed GMO-free. I believe PETA is a strongly reliable source because they are the largest organization for animal rights in the world, founded in 1980. They also take time to deeply investigate any issue they write an article about so they can get the right information.

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