Too many people?

by Rainertaycho on November 30, 2017 - 10:18pm

There have been all kinds of wars waged throughout history: wars waged in name of personal vendetta, war over land, war over religions and ideologies, war against rulers (kings not the measuring rulers), war against racism and sexism, and etc... A report from 1999 Statewatch stated that the currently increasing population could cause some serious repercussion to the environment as it cannot meet the demanded resources needed in order to sustain the consuming population. 


Water is one example of resources being fought over; especially in countries riddled in poverty. World Watch institute predicts that water will soon be one of the center of waged wars; as failed huge dam projects have already caused some protests that ended in violence. An example of a modern conflict over water source is the Israel and Palestine conflict. Not only are they fighting over land, they are also fighting over water ownership of River Jordan; Israel's main source of water. In Rwanda, ethnic conflicts have arisen as early as 1994 due to the scarcity of resources; the same with Pakistan whose social tensions threaten to make things worse. Finally in Africa where conflicts have also arisen and threaten to escalate due to the lack of essential resources such as water. 


Famine can also be included in the list of problems that arise in face of over population, although it is theorized that famine has more to do with the politics and economy of a country/place. During the Irish potato famine of 1846-57, close to one million people died while the elite and land owners exported food to Britain. It was the same with the African famines; millions have died yet no massive amounts of bureaucratsbusinessmen, army officers, and etc., were reported to have died due to hunger. 




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