Stop the fishermen from overfishing

by helicopter_bus on November 9, 2017 - 1:50pm

The sea has many problems, some being the destruction of coral reefs, water pollution, global warming, acidification and also overfishing of sea creatures. Although all of these may take long to reconstruct if it is at all possible in order to save the ocean, the goal is to do something about it and start somewhere to make the difference. Overfishing is a big problem because this reduces the amounts of species in the ocean which also has reduced the fisheries of their stock by up to 90%. The lack of certain types of fish is making the fisheries go out of business because thy cannot stock up due to overfishing. However fishermen can do something about this problem. Fishing has been made easier because of the new technology and equipment there is in this generation, like knowing how dense the water is to know where there are large amounts of fish to catch. The problem is that fishermen would rather cash in what they have caught now and then use the money for something else and they have thoughts of if they are not going to get their money this way, other fishermen will. Most fisheries husband their resources to make more money. A good way of doing this is to give the fishermen a long term right to a share of fish. Regulated industrial fisheries such as New Zealand, Iceland and America have taken a tradable, individual share of a fishing quota. Limiting resources creates discord, however fishermen can incorporate no-catch zones for rights-based fisheries. This way the fishing can be monitored and if it can be rotated between different areas in the sea, the ecosystem will have a chance to recover a little. The fisherman may have a bigger impact on helping the fish in the sea more than we are aware and they may be a really big start to a better ecosystem.



I found your way of approaching the topic to be very interesting. So what would be the problem; fisheries going out of business, or is there an environmental problem behind it? I asked myself who would be the bad guy: the fishermen keeping their money, or the fisheries for wanting to take over the whole fish business? I actually found an article, that describes that overfishing has actually an impact on ecology as well. Like you said, overfishing has reduced the number of species of fish in markets and consequently in the ocean, but the problem goes further than business. It can destroy the environment and marine ecology. It could disrupt the food chain, and affect even more species. For instance, the herring is a vital prey species for the cod.


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