Does air pollution play a role in infertility?

by louismekhael on August 29, 2017 - 8:50am

Humans have suspected a relationship between air pollution and some health problems since a while now. In fact, after a few studies, scientists found out that the pollution in the air causes health disorders like infertility. After they have looked into the link between the exposure of humans to environmental air pollutants and fertility, research proved that the bad air quality has a negative impact on both genders gametogenesis. This brings many disadvantages to the gametes, it affects their quantity, quality and it can also affect the embryo development. For example, after comparing different people from different countries, researchers observed that men from industrial countries have a poor quality of sperm compared to the others. Exposure to toxic substances in the air are in cause of this difference between both groups of men. Researchers hope that this study will sensitize the population and the authorities on the importance of air quality. 

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