The destruction of coral reefs

by helicopter_bus on September 9, 2017 - 2:01pm

Coral reefs are not only to be looked at, they contain a large variety of species in which we humans use as our source of protein and as a source of our medically active compounds. The destruction in coral reefs are usually caused by human activities, diseases and climate change. Human activities such as over-fishing, destructive fishing practices and pollutions from pesticides and herbicides. Examples of diseases would be black band disease, white band disease and other band related diseases which are a type of fungus. Climate change is the largest cause of the loss of coral reefs. Due to the overexposure of sunlight and temperature change, the coral reefs become more susceptible to disease which causes the coral reefs to look bleached and creates a loss of species and protein.


Authors: J.E.N. Veron and O. Hoegh-Guldberg

"The coral reef crisis: The critical importance of <350 ppm CO2"


I liked the link you shared as it had a lot of valuable information and explanation of the cause. I am glad you brought up this topic as it is a major one in small countries of the Caribbean. As you mentioned climate change is the main reason for the decrease in coral reefs and this is extremely bad for people who depend on them. Like for example, small countries that their economy mainly depends on tourism. There are some coral reefs in the Caribbean Ocean and this is the main reason why tourists are attracted to visit these places. These places offer many activities that have to do with the coral reefs like snorkeling and scuba diving and in order to do these activities tourists must pay which help the economy.

My country, Honduras, has part of the Mesoamerica coral reefs and in 2015 it was discovered that Honduras “has the healthiest reefs throughout the region, being the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.” This is based on the “study of 248 coral reef sites along 1,000 kilometers of the Caribbean coast.” Yes, this report is two years old but it empathizes the fact that Honduras is home to amazing coral reefs. There are many studies that show how the bleaching in coral reefs will affect the countries economy. Throughout the last couple of years, I have seen a decrease in tourist arrivals in the Bay Islands, home of the coral reefs, and this is due to the bleaching of coral reefs. It is affecting my countries economy as fewer tourists are visiting my country. This is mostly bad for the locals, as many people are in danger of losing their jobs and this might have a negative impact on them and in the worst case scenario they might turn to crime in order to survive. We must act fast and do everything we can to decrease the velocity of climate change as in the future this will be a major problem throughout all the world. I also found this article that shows the risks of climate change and how it affects coral reefs.


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