Misinterpretation of a confession

by a.victoria11 on September 10, 2013 - 11:51pm


In this article we are introduced by the confession made earlier from Justin Trudeau smoking marijuana during his teenage years. His confession prompt other leaders to open up about their past use. This brought a lot of questions and controversies, asking the society who is Justin Trudeau and what message was he trying to send with this confession. Lets also remember that he is the leader of the liberal party. Many had different reactions to this act made, even causing him problems crossing the US borders because of his past used. Now many of us, including myself might ask what does it have to do with the current life? Has it occurred in the past. This situation goes so far enabling him to cross the borders for an act he committed years ago. The reason might have been to show the others how serious they take the case of marijuana use. I believe that being punish for a minor act like this if childish. I am not condoning the total use of marijuana, making it legal, but what happened, happened already now people should move on. He came out with this confession because he trusted his society and party. Marijuana use and legalization has been an issue from decades ago and it still is. The parents and other political parties believe that he is sending the wrong message to the young children, promoting the use of marijuana. If we remember, I do not think that his words were to consume marijuana and that everything would be fine, because at the end, he did end up being the leader of the liberal party. The reason for the strictness of others is probably because they were not raised this way, they represent conservation, the laws and keeping the future generation healthy. On the other side, some say that it might not be a bad idea to show the marijuana use amongst children as it can bring up the economy with the government being able to keep an eye on this type of commerce and also its taxes. This argument mostly represents the economy and the wanting of the world wealth to expand. The idea of the US immigration is now entering in the situation is making things complicated for no reasons, it is in the past, they cannot do anything to change it. They are emphasizing on something that is so minimal when there are situations that need more attention from them. To conclude, I do not think that the government and society should react this grandly to his confession as it does not necessarily promotes the use of marijuana, I believe that the fact that they are reacting this negatively towards his opening will only make things worst, and will push teenagers to be deviant. It also makes us question if the government will take actions in order to legalize marijuana in some regions as it can be a beneficial advantage for the country’s wealth. 


Good analyze, the catchy title get our curiosity and bring us to read the text. Also, ironically we are always tended to read the entire text when the subject turns around drug consumption to actually see the author’s opinion on this ethical issue. I believe that this declaration was a big electoral technique to drag some media’s attention. I personally don’t mind that a politician has consumed marijuana in his adolescence. In fact, he probably worked as hard as the others to be where he stands presently and completely deserve it. I believe in the live and let live philosophy where we should not judge his drug consummation in his young age. Do you believe that his declaration will have an impact for his next election?