Freedom or Life Long Commitment…Abortion!

by mel_rocks_095 on September 10, 2013 - 10:30pm


     Abortion, legalized in Canada in 1988, is a procedure women use in order to terminate a pregnancy. There are two points of view to abortion, one whereby women use this procedure to end the life of an unwanted baby and continue to be free, and the other where the mother is considered a murderer of an innocent unborn baby who in the eyes of many have the right to live no matter what the circumstance.  Abortion can be an option if a young woman has been the victim of an act of violence and decides she does not want to have the child of someone she does not know or love, a young teenager or a single woman who does not want the child because of financial issues or because they do not have the means to raise a child on their own, and finally, if the health of the unborn foetus or mother is in danger. However in the eyes of many, there is no reason good enough to justify an abortion. Abortion can be against the values of the individual’s religion and will be forced to keep the child. Although the baby is not wanted, there are different options other than having an abortion. Many couples are not able to have babies and decide to adopt instead, so the individual should keep that option in mind, and finally, nowadays, it is too easy for women to have abortions and abuse this procedure by using it as a form of birth control.

     By looking at the arguments for and against abortion, ethical values and principles can be made. For abortion to be okay, the values of the individual are freedom and autonomy. The woman should be allowed to decide whether or not she wants to keep the unborn child. The ethical principle is “always act in accordance to your own self-interest”, which means that the woman is putting herself before others. For against abortion, the ethical values are faith, accountability, and responsibility. The woman should be responsible for her own actions if she gets pregnant without planning in advance and should follow her faith if her values for her religion are strict. The ethical principles to describe being against abortion are do no harm and sanctity of life.

      In my opinion, I believe that abortion is a horrible, dangerous and mentally traumatising procedure. The guilt of having killed a foetus will forever remain in the individual’s mind. The woman and her partner should plan ahead if they want to have a child or not, and if not, contraception should be used and they should have a plan B (the day after pill) in case of an emergency. In my opinion, the only circumstances where abortion is acceptable is if the woman was raped or for medical reasons only, but other than that, she should have the child and give it up for adoption which is a better route than taking the life of an innocent unborn baby away for nothing. Imagine if you were that woman, who got pregnant with your boyfriend or spouse, no matter what age you may be, what would you do? Take the life of an innocent foetus because of your actions, or do the right thing and give it up for adoption and make another couple happy?

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Ever since abortion has existed, it has been a worldwide debate. Some think that when young couples have sexual intercourses, they must take into account all the consequences that can come with it, such as pregnancy. Others consider pregnancy as an unexpected accident and that couples should have the choice of whether or not to keep the foetus they engendered.

The reason why this topic is so controversial is because depending on one’s opinion, it can be murder or it can be the solution of a big problem. There are many reasons that a couple with an undesired baby could have to abort as there are many others that a couple would want to keep a baby.

On my point of view, abortion is a crime. Even though the child is unborn, it has start developing and it is preparing day after day to become on of us. People pro-abortion may say that it is unfair to have to keep a baby that you do not want. According to the link below, only 25% of sexually active teenagers say they have used a condom the last time they had sex. That being said, three quarters of them have not only significantly increased their chances of getting STDs, but they have also increased by a lot their chances of having a baby.

Being a teenager, I know that one is not necessarily ready to have a child at his charge, but if more teenagers started protecting themselves, they might not even have to consider abortion.

I was drawn into reading your post because of your intriguing choice of words, an thought-provoking arguments. It is evident that you researched this topic quite thoroughly, and I have taken on many debates on this subject among friends. Some of your arguments pointed things out that I had never mulled over before. Although I do not completely agree with your stance on the subject, I think you are quite right on many things.

Before reading this post, I had no particular point of view on abortion. I had never really decided on which side i was because I thought that the arguments against and in favor of abortion were both very strong. Now that I have read your post, i thought that you were very convincing and I agree with you. It is truth that the unborn baby is a living creature and that even if he is unwanted by the pregnant woman, there are tons of other couples who would be more than happy to adopt and raise him. In plus, abortion is definitely against the ethical principal of sanctity of life and the value of family. Therefore, I think that abortion is not the best solution because, In my opinion, it is better to know that your child is alive and in a family that love and take care of him than to live the rest of your life carrying the traumatic memory of abortion. On the other side, I have to admit that I have never been in such a situation and regardless what I think is right, I cannot say how I would react if this ever happen to me.

Abortion is an issue that particularly touches teenagers and young adults. I Believe abortion is an individual choice, we must have our own decisions. I know that the pro life are mainly religious and conservatism people, I think they should not impose their values and beliefs to the entire society. The freedom of choice is one of our fundamental rights as a society, so in my opinion we should be free to make our own choices, to have individual freedom and parental responsibility. The pregnant women should be the only person to decide what is good or wrong for her, because she will experiment the pregnancy during 9 months. As a society we cannot force someone to keep a baby, particularly in a case of rape. Should we criminalized abortion in Canada ?