Should abortion stay legal?

by milica.vesic on September 10, 2013 - 5:29pm


For the majority of American history, women were refused the right to end any kind of unwanted pregnancy. In fact, most of these laws prohibited the practice as it was considered unsafe and harmful to women. It’s only in the 1970’s that laws have come to allow abortion in most of the states under the statement of the Fourteenth Amendment of the American Constitution saying that each people is allowed privacy. Abortions have become acceptable under the conditions that the pregnancy is at risk for the mother and the embryo. Also, the law proclaimed that mothers’ should abort in the first trimester (the first twelve to eighteen weeks of the pregnancy) in order for the abortion to be considered acceptable. Yet, polls in 2004 have shown that 92% of women have had an abortion due to social or other reasons than medical risks. This is where the issue is questioned, as people from two different groups, pro-life and pro-choice, debate upon the issue of the legality of abortion.

People from the pro-life group are those who want to outlaw abortion, therefore making it illegal again. This groups’ main argument is that the embryo is a human being and abortion therefore is a murder. In other words, they firmly believe in sanctity of life and no one should have the right to end the life of another person. In addition to this claim that embryos are human, they react on the well being of the mother, saying that an abortion can cause depressions, numbness and many other psychological reasons that affect the woman.  Therefore, they also value health for women, as they try to convince them to keep their unborn babies and not have to go through the psychological downturns that mostly happen after abortions.

The other group of this debate is pro-choice, who wish to keep abortion legal. The arguments of these activists is that women have the right to choice if they are ready or not to have a child, especially if the well being of the woman is in danger. In this case, the ethical issue that they proclaim is autonomy, therefore being able to make a choice on your own, without any laws restricting this freedom. The basic of this argument comes from the historical background of the issue, as the restrictions created a lot of problems. Many women used to try to terminate the pregnancy on their own terms or by consulting a doctor that was not qualified enough, which resulted in many deaths. Therefore, this group as well says to value the health of women by stopping them to use desperate measures to end an unwanted pregnancy.


My opinion on this subject is very grey, as I am able to recognize that both sides have valuable points of supporting their argument. Therefore, I find that women should have the freedom to choose if they want to keep the embryo or not, but more restrictions should be made to not make it yet another contraceptive method. 

Do you think that more restrictions are needed or are you content with what we have today? 


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I really enjoyed reading your post about the right to abortion. This is a very touchy subject because the pro-lifes you wrote about believe that abortion is murder. In my Ethics for Science class we were required to read a news story about Robert Latimer’s “Compassionate Homicide” case. If you haven’t heard of this subject, allow me to inform you. It is very closely tied to assisted suicide. Latimer had a daughter who was suffering but could not be cured. He believed that the only way he could end her misery was by killing her.
I can see a great parallel between the choice to abortion and the choice to compassionate homicide. A lot of teen moms decide to get an abortion because they know that they cannot provide for their child. They rather not have a child than have one who lives a bad life in misery. For this reason, I believe that women should have the right to abortions.
Here is a link to the news story!

I do think that abortion should stay legal, but regulations should be put into place to allow it under certain circumstances only. I do think it is wrong to kill a human being and that an embryo qualifies as such. Therefore I don’t think that not being ready to raise a child should be a reason for abortion. In that case, the mother can always consider adoption as an option. However, if the pregnancy puts the mother’s life in danger, than abortion should be available. In that particular case, I think that saving the life of the mother, a human being that has already been born, is more important than saving the life of a few weeks old foetus. To answer your question, yes I do think that more regulations should be put in place to minimize unnecessary abortions.

c) I recognize that a child is a big responsibility, I also recognize that some children might have been conceive in highly unfortunate situations (abuse or endangering the mother) for those cases I understand the reasons why one would want to terminate a pregnancy. But I also believe in responsibility. Take a couple (teenager or adult) who decide to have sexual intercourse unprotected and get pregnant. In my opinion, they should not use abortion as contraception and take responsibility for their actions. If the pregnancy does not endanger the mother, she can raise the kid or leave it in adoption. I think that every case should be examined before a person is allowed to terminate a pregnancy (taking in consideration that in 2004, 92% of abortions were not for medical reasons) so that couples who cannot conceive have a chance and so that those babies have a chance.

a) I choose this summary because I enjoy debating on these kinds if subjects because it concerns all women who are sexually active. (Good topic)
b) In my opinion, I believe that it is the right of freedom of the woman to choose if she wants to have and raise a baby or not. At the same time, I also believe that their should be a limit because often women will exaggerate her freedom. Being in the pro choice side, women are free to choose. In some circumstances, if a woman is pregnant due to a situation of rape, there are not many chances for her to keep her baby. Being in the pro life, I believe that it is really horrible to kill a baby because you had unprotected sex with your partner and did not think of the consequences. I believe that if you are having sexual relationships , then you are acknowledging that there is a possibility that you may be pregnant and should assume your ''errors''.
c) Should women have a ''limit''number of abortions ?

I have chosen to comment on this post because I enjoy this particular topic and believe there is a lot to debate about in terms of whether abortion should be legal or illegal. I also think that it is a touchy topic because now a days, so many young girls are abusing the rights to have an abortion.
Although I agree with both the pro-life and pro-choice, I believe that abortion should continue to be legal under certain circumstances. Women should only use abortion if their life or the life of the embryo is in danger, or if the woman has been violently abused. At that point, the women has to decide whether she wants to keep a child that is from a man she does not know and can possibly have diseases or maybe end up having a child who has mental or physical disabilities. If I was in that position, I as well would have an abortion, even if it would be painful for me to do, thinking I took a life away.
Although to many abortion might be a form of murder and couples should be smart enough to use protection, sometimes things happen for a reason and the contraception might have broke. Yes everyone should be more cautious, but at the end of the day, it is the woman’s decision on what she wants to do, whether it is right or wrong. Do you believe the laws on abortion should be more clear and strict?

You chose a very touchy topic, especially for women, which is why it caught my attention!
I honestly believe that abortion should stay legal, but with certain norms. Unfortunately, some people use abortion as a contraceptive method, which should not be the case. However, making illegal would go against the freedom of choice and autonomy of women. There are some very unfortunate things in our society such as rape. It indeed happens that a girl gets raped and then finds out she is pregnant. Who are we to force her to keep this baby? There are other girls who get accidentally pregnant, and who can clearly not take care of a baby. Yes abortion is unfair for the embryo, but it sure will be unfair for the baby who is not going to have the chance of having a good life. Of course, there is the option of adoption, but it is indeed as hard to give away your baby than it is to get an abortion. It's a very complicated issue, and i'm not necessarily in favor of abortion. But it should not be up to anyone, not even the government, to decide whether another person should be having a baby or not. It's a very personal choice and such a hard decision, no one else should be involved. We need to have as many options as possible. Shouldn't a women have the right to decide whether she WANTS and is CAPABLE of dedicating her whole life to another human being?