What can be done about pedophilia?

by vincentrobert on March 30, 2016 - 10:44pm

In the article "What Can Be Done About Pedophilia" written by Alice Dreger and published in The Atlantic on August 26th, 2013 (http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/08/what-can-be-done-about...), the author asks an international expert on pedophilia basic and simple questions people usually ask about this disorder. The author also tries to see how this are can be improved. David Goldberg first tells the journalist about what pedophilia actually means and tells her that there is a difference between actual child molestation and pedophilia, as a pedophilic person may not molest a child but will stay celibate for his entire life. He also talks about the fact that pedophiles are scared to go see a psychologist or a specialist since they think that they are going to be reported to the authorities, and also that you cannot stop someone from being a pedophile as it has never been done in clinics and people affected by this problem can only take medication or learn how to self-control. It is caused by an atypical wiring in the brain. The expert also says that "[t]hinking of pedophilia as an innate characteristic that a person did not choose and cannot change can go a very long way in helping society come to a rational response to the problem - one that can help prevent molestation of children". Early detection has to be put in place so that prevention can be ensured before first offenses, as only 10-15% of them will commit such actions. Treatment is extremely difficult. 


Hi, I really enjoyed your choice of article that insights pedophilia as possibly biological. I can’t help to notice that masculinity and social construct may have a pivotal role in the explanation of this phenomenon specifically in relation to male pedophiles. Have you considered that perhaps the best way to stop pedophilia is to destroy the social construct that men should dominate women and that women should be vulnerable and submissive? Men and women alike overly sexualize youth, and this is majorly accredited to our pressuring society to stay beautiful. That manliness means power and that innocence is desirable. The phenomenon of the "Man box" indicates that in order to be masculine you must not be feminine; some cannot comply with this and therefore resolve to fix the problem by dominating younger men of the same sex, or girls who are too young to refuse. Maybe the true resolution to problems like this is educating the public so that individuals do not feel so constricted by our gendered social boundaries, that definitely only seem to inflict more harm than originally intended. For more information on the “Man Box” and gendered social constructions, I suggest visiting this article http://www.alternet.org/story/156194/what_about_the_men_why_our_gender_s... for more information about the “Man Box” and gendered social constructions about masculinity and sex.